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heehawbus 01-26-2011 02:36 PM

Bunch of stuff broken at once
So i was driving my WJ the other day normal as can be no issues, went to change the radio via the steering wheel and the rb1 just froze up, no response to anything, wheel or on the headunit, pressed power switch in and it stayed on (which was sorta creepy) so i pulled over and shut the truck off for about 10 secs, fired her back up and it was unfrozen and back to normal.. About 100 feet down the road i stared loosing oil pressure and it dropped all the way to L and check gauges came on. Was close to a big o that i know the owner of so i pulled in there (less than 10th of a mile) so he pops the hood and the alternator cable connector is pretty much on fire, glowing red hot and smoking. turns out the bolt loosened up and it was arcing which explains the weird radio freakout.

So fixed all that, still no oil pressure, he checks the stick and says two quarts low, adds two quarts and still reading L but it changes with rpm, no rattles or knocks and still running smooth.. left it sit there for about 2 hours and drove her home pressure was normal while at speed but dropped at idle. about 5 hours later i went up the road to a buddies house. Normal as can be. so the next day it sat all day without being driven so i went to go to the gym and started it up, normal pressure, no noises, got down the street and it pegged to L again, this time with NO change at any rpm, decided to take it home really quick before it died, was going about 50 down the road and went to slow down and my brakes were there but you can tell they were completely unboosted, it was all me. (happened while at big o too, in reverse, but never again, abs works fine). got her home safe and still no weird sounds, revs fine, seems like no loss in power either..

im at a total loss for what could be going on, computer issue maybe? :confused: its just been replaced by the dealer not too long ago, also no oil leaks that are visible (on street or driveway) engine has 109k on it and im using 10/30 royal purple, guy at big o said too thin and burning off, but 2 qts in 4000k? seems like alot, any help would be appreciated :thumbsup:

StoneCold 01-26-2011 02:52 PM

Re: Bunch of stuff broken at once
damn that sucks. The dealership here gave me 5w40 oil. Guy there said that's all they use. So your guy may be right that what you're using is too thin. I have heard others running 5w 30 with no problem.

Hope you get it all sorted out. That's a sweet wj you got there.

violant00 01-26-2011 04:17 PM

Re: Bunch of stuff broken at once
oil pressure sending unit?
did you make sure no other cables or wires are stripped and making contact with something else?

heehawbus 01-26-2011 05:11 PM

Re: Bunch of stuff broken at once
see thats what i thought it was at first, just that sensor, but just seems fishey that the brakes would acting up at the same time too, gotta have it towed to my mech tomorrow because i dont wanna drive it very far with no pressure if its actually low

Frango100 01-26-2011 06:29 PM

Re: Bunch of stuff broken at once
The brake booster is a vacuum operated part which receives the vacuum from the engine inlet. Strange that sometimes the booster doesn't work. The engine was not off when this happened? Would check the vacuum lines otherwise.
If you have a low oil pressure indication, but no strange noises coming from the engine, mostly its the oil pressure sending unit. I would have a very good look under the hood if the generator cable didn't damage any other wires and/or lines. When the cable becomes really hot, it can easily melt the insulation of other cables.

heehawbus 01-31-2011 04:43 AM

Re: Bunch of stuff broken at once
thanks for the replies! ok heres where we sit.. took it to my normal mechanic and he replaced the oil pressure sensor, drove it home and everything was normal, drove it to work normal, total distance,maybe 10 miles or so. as i was driving home the pressure dropped again, check gauges light.. so i thought wtf.. kept driving normal speed etc. went to slow down and stop, pressure climbed back to the normal possition, so i thought wtf! as i started moving again under normal acceleration it drops back down, so i got pissed off and threw the pedal all the way to the floor, pressure went back up to normal.. so now it seems like i only get normal pressure at wot or close to it, and idle speed.
HERE is a video of whats going on

BUT, i went to take her on the highway the other day, started from my house, normal all the way, the whole way, no drops or rises stayed peged in the middle, next day dropping under normal acceleration, on the highway tho it was normal, so now i am beyond confused

violant00 01-31-2011 05:21 AM

Re: Bunch of stuff broken at once
honestly thats what happend to me with my oil pressure problem is it stopped doing it altogether recently so im just waiting to replace the sending unit. No other problems occured because of it and i didnt even get a check gauges light when it happend. So i dunno dude

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