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Dougcjohn 01-27-2011 08:34 AM

Help Please - 2011 Grand Cherokee Order Option Question - Confusion
I ordered a WK2 Overland w 5.7L, Adv Adap Cruise, 730N & Chrome Ed Group (AEE). The Chrome Grp was $995; and 730N was $465.
After reading this site and examining several Internet Dealers Window Stickers, I noticed the 730N was $305. The Chrome Grp listed 3 items: Mirrors, Chrome Side Step & Door Entry Guard plates.

I've enjoyed the forums discussions, learned a lot but haven't seen any discussion on Newbies questions on ordering & options. Just looking for clarification from the group.

Questions on: 730N opt cost, Chrome Grp, Tow Hooks, Opt 20" Wheels and skid plates.

Confused: 730N on every window sticker PDF I examined showed $305. My Dealer filled out the order and insists it's $465. Is this an item that will self correct and the price will be $305 when built by Jeep?

The Chrome Group - Of the 3 Items: Overland Package includes chrome mirrors as stnd, the Door Entry Plates are $92 on Mopar eStore, and the Chrome Tubular OEM Side Step is $516 on the Mopar eStore.
This is a total of $608 for the non-standard Overland items compared to the Chrome Group $995.

I called Jeep's customer line, a very helpful Amy looked up my VIN and confirmed my options. BTW, My WK2 is not in production yet due to a small delay on the 730N option inventory. I asked her to clarify the Chrome Group Option and if additional items were included: she stated additional items included chrome exhaust tip & chrome "Jeep" ft emblem. Both of these are standard on the Overland package.

How is the Chrome Grp @ $995 a justified price. I tend to think the group includes something else but can't find any information or confirmation.
In the meantime, I called my dealership and they removed the Chrome Group AEE option from my build.

I also read on this forum that there is a "new" chrome group soon to be released, what does it include, what price, what option code? If soon, it sounds like I have time to add to my build.

Tow Hooks & Skid Plates: Another confusing option. Are tow hooks & skid plates on the Overland trim & 5.7 package, are they an option with 20" Wheels? On Web, I found an option ADL Skid Plate Group for $200, but my dealer doesn't list it. Would like to have the OEM Tow Hooks & skid plates either as options or later purchases. If available, are there part numbers and estimated prices?

20" Wheels. The Overland comes with painted 20" Wheels. The Summit has polished version. The 2011 Durango has 20" polished wheels indicated as optional wheels in the 2011 Grand Cherokee pamphlet as a picture only option. I wanted to purchase these polished optional 20" wheels, but unable to get a part number for Grand Cherokee or Durango. Does anyone have the part numbers & apx price?

Thanks to all of you, super site for information & WK2 news!

mjw930 01-27-2011 11:02 AM

Re: Help Please - 2011 Grand Cherokee Order Option Question - Confusion
I'll try and answer based on my experience.

There are 2 versions of the 730N, the RER (old) and the RHR (new). The old version was $305, the new version is $465. None have been produced so none of the window stickers you can pull up show this yet.

The Chrome group is a mystery, wise that you deleted it BUT remember, the cost on the parts site does not include installation.

Tow hooks and skid plates are only available as part of the offroad adventure II package and will also swap out your 20" rims with 18" rims. You cannot order these parts separately on a new order. If you want them with the 20" wheels they will need to be added by the dealer so installation costs must me factored in. If you need them but want the 20" wheels there's always the swap option with someone on the board who wants to go the other way.

The polished 20" wheels are only available on the Summit and are not available as a custom order item separately from the summit package.

Dan JGC 01-27-2011 11:15 AM

Re: Help Please - 2011 Grand Cherokee Order Option Question - Confusion the confusion. The best I can say is to look at the site and go through the build options. The chrome group option is sorta not accurate when you add it to the Overland since the Overland has some of the stuff they originally listed, such as the chrome mirrors you mentioned. I just went with the simple plan...Summit 4x4 V8 in black.

Who really knows on the media Summit is supposed to come with the new 730N RHR but shows 430N....what actually gets built I don't care anymore as long as it gets built.

The lack of clarity is something Jeep needs to seriously improve upon. I wouldn't rely on "the order lady" conveying accurate information since when I have pressed them for details they readily admit they only have limited information and that the dealer has full access to the ordering system for the definitive details. Meanwhile....the dealers are very uneducated on what is really going on. Clarity and certainty go a long can people make decisions if everything is cloudy and in flux....maybe Obama is running Chrysler now! LOL (OK...not trying to create political discussions, it was just a joke so let's leave it at that, a joke).

Dougcjohn 01-27-2011 03:08 PM

Re: Help Please - 2011 Grand Cherokee Order Option Question - Confusion
MJW939 & DanGJC, thanks for the replies... sheds a little more light on it.
On the 730N, I thought the 730N REH was stnd on Overland, then after the 430N, the 730N RHR became a Overland Option, stnd on Overland Summit. I assumed dumbly that new online win-stickers indicating a 730N Option it was the 730N RHR.

No Problem on the labor, that would be me. IF I'm adding tow hooks & skid plates after Delivery, are their better choices in aftermarket or is Jeep OEM still the best route?

Planning a catback, undecided between Corsa & Borla... need to wait and see what others discuss and maybe a few more sound clips! Waiting for new release of BullyDog Prog and K&N CAI... but that too is moving slow for the WK2.

Thanks again, great site to gather information!

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