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Planenut 01-30-2011 11:48 AM

2004 Laredo Quadra-Trac II - What fluid to use

I've got 71,000 miles on my Grand Cherokee and have let the fluids go long enough.

I want to change out both Diff's, Transfer case, Auto Transmission and Power steering/Hydraulic fan fluids. I've always done oil every 3000 miles.

What I don't know is what to use in the differentials and transfer case?

I have the EVA 4.7L V8 MPI engine and
Dodge 5sp Auto Transmission 545RFE and
Quadra-Trac II
Dana 30/186MM front Axle
Dana 44/226MM Rear Axle
3.37 ratio

1. There are 3 different transfer cases. How do I know which I have?
NV242, NV247, NV147
2. How do I find out if I have vari-lok?
3. One more question. I'd like to use the HOOT method to change out the Transmission and Power Steering so as to flush out ALL the old fluid. Any idea which is the return line on the Transmission? I think I've figured out which is the Power steering fluid as it has a hose clamp and must not be high pressure..

I'm probably going to use Amsoil Synthetic for this.

Thanks for any help.

Frango100 01-30-2011 12:16 PM

Re: 2004 Laredo Quadra-Trac II - What fluid to use
When you have Quadra-Trac II, you will have the NV247 T-case. The JEEP manual says regarding the fluid:

t Transfer Case Lubricant (P/N 05016796) is
the only lubricant recommended for the NV247
transfer case.
Researching the web i found out that this fluid is made by Mobil and is numbered 424. Maybe for you in the USA the price doesn't differ that much, but the "special "fluid here in Brazil is amazingly expensive. I run this Mobil 424 for 2 years now.
When you have Quadra-trac II you should not have vari Loc installed, this is normally only for the Quadra-Drive. But there are always exemptions. It seems that there was an optional tow package available, which could have a Vari-Loc differential only in the rear axle. I never have heard from anybody who has it though.
Regarding the axles JEEP manual says the following:
186 FBI (Model 30) - Mopart Synthetic Gear
Lubricant 75W-140

194 RBI (Model 35) - Mopart Gear Lubricant
80W-90 (Trailer Towing - Mopar
t Synthetic Gear
Lubricant 75W-140

226 RBA (Model 44) - Mopart Gear Lubricant
80W-90 (Trailer Towing - Mopar
t Synthetic Gear
Lubricant 75W-140

NOTE: Trac-lok
T and Vari-lokT equipped axles
require 118 ml (4 ounces) of Limited Slip Additive

be added to the lubricant.

Planenut 01-30-2011 12:29 PM

Re: 2004 Laredo Quadra-Trac II - What fluid to use
I crawled under the car... and you are correct it is the NV247 transfer case. What do you think about this Amsoil as it comes up with the search by automobile function for that Transfer case?

Also, I do have the AH4 Trailer Tow Group IV package but I can find nothing in my vin check from that says I have the vari-lok. Is there a simple way to check? jack it and turn a wheel maybe?

Last, good thing I started this project as the rear diff is leaking. It is dry from the front to about 1" forward of the diff cover so at least it is not the pinion seal. I wouldn't have expected the diff cover to start leaking for no reason. It smells like gear oil and is on the bottom half of the diff and about 1' along one axle as well as covering most of the bottom of the fuel tank.

Frango100 01-30-2011 03:18 PM

Re: 2004 Laredo Quadra-Trac II - What fluid to use
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Sorry, i have no experience with Amsoil whatsoever, but for sure some other guys will chime in on that.
The diff cover can start leaking after some while. There is only a bead of silicone to keep the oil inside (which normally works well if applied correctly)
For the Vari-Loc, i think the easiest way is to just open the cover and have a look. If a Vari-Loc is in there, you could always fill it up again and go to JEEP or whichever place and buy some Limited Slip Additive. Attached how the Vari-Loc looks like.

Planenut 01-30-2011 05:13 PM

Re: 2004 Laredo Quadra-Trac II - What fluid to use
I'm going to check at the dealership tomorrow and see if they can tell me by pulling Vin number.

If no luck that way, I'll be opening it up anyway and I'll find out that way. I considered pumping the old fluid out but that would leave any metal shaving behind so I really would prefer to pull the cover off.

I'll be checking on the leak more tomorrow as well. I thought it smelled like gear oil but It seems to start where the rear brake line T's off to each wheel.

Thanks for all the help!

Frango100 01-30-2011 05:19 PM

Re: 2004 Laredo Quadra-Trac II - What fluid to use
I think its better to pull the diff cover to clean it all out very well. There is also a magnet in there, which you can clean as well.

TJXJWJ 01-31-2011 07:54 AM

Re: 2004 Laredo Quadra-Trac II - What fluid to use
I used OEM fluids in the trans and transfer case. The diffs got Royal Purple Gear Oil. I've heard good and bad things about using anything other than OEM in the transmission, so I played it safe.

While I was collecting gallons and gallons of used oil, I figured I'd take a turkey baster to my power steering reservior too. I sucked out as much as I could and topped off with fresh fluid. I do that every so often...makes me feel better.

TJXJWJ 01-31-2011 07:58 AM

Re: 2004 Laredo Quadra-Trac II - What fluid to use
Oh, and in case you haven't done this before, jack up the body at the rear via the "frame" and support it with stands. That will allow better access to the rear cover, otherwise you may need to unbolt the swaybar. Use plenty of brake parts cleaner to clean the inside of the diff and let all the funk drain out...and make sure you don't leave any old gasketing material on the housing or the cover. Be careful don't want to gouge anything. I always re-install the cover with new RTV and let it sit overnight before re-filling with oil.

JeepMe 01-31-2011 09:18 AM

Re: 2004 Laredo Quadra-Trac II - What fluid to use
Also, make sure you can get the FILL plug out of the TC BEFORE draining the fluid. It would suck to drain the fluid only to find out the fill plug is siezed in place. Then need the Jeep before you get a chance to get it free.

Planenut 01-31-2011 06:03 PM

Re: 2004 Laredo Quadra-Trac II - What fluid to use
Good points, I did a front brake job today with new pads and turned the rotors. Went ahead and pulled the front Diff cover off and cleaned it up. Getting ready to reinstall it and will wait until tomorrow to fill it up.

The rest of my fluids won't be here until Wednesday so I'll have to wait on the rest of the stuff.

By the way, Dealership pulled VIN and said no vari-lok on mine and that checks so far with what I've seen up front. I hate that you don't use a gasket when reinstalling the diff covers. I would much prefer a gasket to just using silicone..

TJXJWJ 01-31-2011 06:18 PM

Re: 2004 Laredo Quadra-Trac II - What fluid to use
They exist...I forget where I saw them, but I bet Quadratec or have them. LubeLocker maybe? I think that might be the name.

Honestly, I felt the same way, but the black Permatex gasket-maker goo works just fine.

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