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BLACK DOG 02-02-2011 06:06 AM

5.9 sunroof leaking
Left my baby parked out in the rain for a couple of months , didn't know she had a leak went to take her for a spin and discovered she got mouldy good thing I treated her leather before I put her away...wiped all the mould off seats and plastic with mould control and sprayed it on the carpet as well...still smells mouldy...cabin filter will be next

It was dark when I first found the inside glass soaking wet after a wash,when I got off work last night...
In my Haynes manual I looked in body and elect. no mention of power sunroof.
Any one have an exploded view of parts or reference material source...The rubber gasket looks bulgie on back of glass panel (possible leak source), can that be replaced without removing glass/power unit or will I need to remove the interior panel.
I just went out to have a look with a lamp (I had to make sure I didn't leave it open to vent when I last parked her:p):rolleyes::thumbsup:nope it was closed.
I couldn't see any real wetness I wonder where all the water on the class came from?
I noticed It may be removable with the window open, from outside...

looks like I'll need another shelter for her...

Thanks for any answers on this,Bob.

USN_BlackWK 02-10-2011 10:43 AM

Re: 5.9 sunroof leaking
A pretty common problem on Jeeps. The major culprit in most cases is just a clogged drain tube. On your ZJ there should be 2 drain tubes at either of the 2 front corners of the gutter tray (open up your sunroof and look for a drain hole in the corners). Use a wire or something of that nature to snake through the drain to unclog it. Alternately if you don't think they are clogged, you can try pouring some water down each of them to see if they are. I cant remember for sure on my ZJ, but there may be 2 drains in the back. However if there are, they cannot be accessed without removing your headliner.

That being said, on my old 5.9L, the drain tubes were not the problem. It was the seal around the glass and where the glass mounts to its metal frame. It has been a few years since I had the 5.9L, but if memory serves me correctly, if you open the sunroof to "vent", you can get a small socket and ratchet up to the mounting bolts from the inside (someone correct me if I'm wrong) and easily remove the glass from the power mechanism. Once you have removed the glass, set it upside down on a towel and use some flowing rtv silicon (specifically made for windows... it flows into the leaks) around the entire metal frame where it contacts the glass and around the rubber gasket.

This solved my problem completely and I never had another leak. Good luck!

apstang50 02-11-2011 04:51 PM

Re: 5.9 sunroof leaking
There is a drain in each corner of the drain tray. You can open the sunroof and pour water in the front of the drip tray the water comes out of the frame rail just behind the front tires. Now pour water at the back of the drip tray, the water should come out at each corner behind the back tires. You may also want to try sealing all the screws that secure the roof rack to the roof, those have been know to leak also. Good luck, leaks inside the vehicle SUCK to find!

BLACK DOG 02-11-2011 07:41 PM

Re: 5.9 sunroof leaking
Thanks a lot guys,
There was a lot of leaves and rain when I put the jeep away, another possible leak source may be in the cowl area...I haven't found any obvious wetness any where inside just the mould... that's cleaned up and the 5.9 is under cover now, with a heater to help dry the interior. I also don't see any water stains on the roof panel.

mdwilliamson 02-11-2011 08:49 PM

Re: 5.9 sunroof leaking
Just got my 2009 GC back from the dealer. After a 1-2" snow I would notice my headliner getting wet directly above the A-pillars on both sides. The water would make its way down the pillars and exit through the screw covers on the pillars leaving a significant amount of water in my floorboard (sometimes on the dash). The funny thing is that it wouldnt happen if it rained, no matter how hard or for how long. I poured the water in the drain trays and quickly found that the front tubes were either frozen or clogged while the rear ones worked perfect. I tried to use a compressor to blow the clog loose, tried a thin wire and even left it in the garage for a day with a kerosene heater blowing on high (in case it was ice) but still couldnt fix it myself. Im still under warranty so I took it in to the nearest dealership and found out something interesting. Apparently every jeep dealerships has a "leak" specialist come in at least once every few weeks. Just so happened that he was visiting that exact day and I got the problem fixed, clogged drain tubes. What I was wondering though is if Jeep has to have a "leak" specialist visit their dealerships every so often to fix common issues shouldnt this be a signal to them that the problem is way more than common and appears to be more serious?

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