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remmy 02-04-2011 03:40 AM

Remmy's Build
Ok, so I wanted to build a pretty decent SQ set up and here is what Ive ordered (the main goodies) so far. The Subs and amp Ive already had as some of you may know and remember with my little neato box build. I still havent gotten the drawer put it but Ill get around to it. The build will start next weekend when all of the goodies have arrived. Enjoy and follow as I build!

Alpine CDA-117
Ah, the latest and greatest CD deck from the Japs. Its one of only a handful of units on the market that rock a 24bit Burr-Brown processor. I was going to nab the Pioneer DEX-P99RS but the Alpine has more features that I wanted... and WAY less expensive. Granted, the Pioneer is 10x better, Im just too lazy to sit there and tune it and also didnt like the output configuration either. But thats just me.

Alpine KTX-H100/PXA-H100 Audyssy IMPRINT sound managment
For those of you who dont know, this little box allows me to automatically obtain a reference curve in my whip. It will likely tune better than I can. Whats cool about it is you sit a mic in each chair at a time (including the center console and middle chair) and sit outside with a laptop and a finger up your nose while the IMPRINT does it all for you. Owners have sworn and died by this little guy.

Eclipse SC8355
Sadly, Fujitsu Ten pulled the plug on Eclipse because they couldnt keep up with Alpine and Pioneer. Shame really. However, they dropped these 3way components on their way out the door. They came in today. I am EXTREMELY impressed at the build quality, especially the way they connected the aluminum cone on the woofer to the spider (voice coil). Everything all the way down to little adapters in the kit are made of metal and are well crafted. They were definitely constructed by hand. The woofers are some of the most monstrous 5 inchers Ive ever seen in person. This goes for the crossovers, they arent dicking around either. This kit can be had (while they last) for pennies on the dollar. I bought two sets to go in every door.

Boston Acoustics GT-4001
This will drive the speakers since they are very power hungry (85db/85rms!). After heavy research and comparing for about a week I concluded this currently at its price with some online retailers it is the best bang for the buck.

Infinity 860W 8"
I scored these awhile back since I built my box for 8's not only for space, but I find 8's sound best for what I usually listen to. These little guys are actually monsters. Their price point is amazing as well. Best sub for the money I have ever bought... I think some of the cheapest I bought as well. Dont let the size fool you.

JBL GTO-7001
This is a fairly decent amp in its class as well. I didnt need a 'mad crazy yo' sq sub amp since Im only worried about whats accurate coming out o the doors. But honestly, paired with the Infinity's its sounds pretty damn good.

DISCUSS! :slapfight:

White Chocolate 02-04-2011 03:58 PM

Re: My build
To be honest.....Sweet system you are actually running. I like everything you are using.

however, your box...not a fan of it. You are wasting alot of space, you also will run into the problem of something puncturing the back.

Take the floor try out like I did. I made a custom floor tray I was able to put everything underneath!!

Otherwise, Sweet! :)

remmy 02-04-2011 06:58 PM

Re: My build
1 Attachment(s)

Puncturing the back? I dont get what you mean. The two 8's are sealed in their own enclosures. Ive had that box in and running the subs for over a year... the results are impressive. Itll be nice though when I get the drawer put in, ill be able to keep important stuff in theeir locked up and still be able to chuck stuff on top of the box with no worries :cool:

Here is a pic with more of the inside to look at.

White Chocolate 02-04-2011 07:12 PM

Re: My build
Will those subs be sticking out of those holes? Or are those holes closed and covered?

If you have future plans with the box for drawer and what not, then it sounds cool.

To be honest though, you would have more room if you took out the exsisting floor, and made your own floor, it goes down roughly 3 inches. I did that, helped me out a lot!!

remmy 02-04-2011 07:15 PM

Re: My build
OH! Haha, what you see there is actually flushed with mesh grills. I was going to take out the floor as well but that is where the monster BA amp is going. Also, I did that with the box in the even I needed more room and could take it out easily. The back has 5 way binding posts and connects with banana plugs. I thought it out well trust me. lol.

Here is a close up with the old Dayton subs I had (couldnt handle the box and ripped itself apart)

BOYCHIKS 02-05-2011 01:38 AM

Re: My build
Beer is for when your finished :p lol

remmy 02-12-2011 05:52 PM

Re: My build
Hello! Here are some updates. The front doors are about finished... what seriously ate my time up was those damn door jam clips. WTF was Chrysler thinking when they made those!?

draft6969 02-12-2011 08:49 PM

Re: My build
so how nervous were you when you driled through your door panel? :eek:
looks good though, cant wait to see the finished install.

remmy 02-12-2011 09:32 PM

Re: My build
Fairly, but calm, cool, and collected. ;)

My chief let me borrow his hole-saw kit (worth its weight in gold btw) and I went on the back side of the panels with a sharpie. I measured to my likings and wrote them down for both doors. One fatal problem I made was the picture you see is the right front door. Well, my dumbass forgot all about the seat memory button on the drivers door! For about an hour I sat down with a dremel carefully shaving away. I even had to cut into the button a little bit. Long story short, it worked out quite nicely and even looks factory. Im addressing the rear doors tomorrow. They should be a lot easier... but I swear to god if I have to deal with those same door jams junction clips Im going to flip out.

For those that dont know, where the jam is on the body of the Jeep is a plastic (and amazingly resilient) clip that acts as a clipped in holder for wiring clips. These effing things took me an hour each just so I could cut them off to be able to unclip them only to THEN work on wiring the after market wiring through.

Side note: the build quality of the 'premium' boston 6x9's are lame. Thin, cheap paper woofers with foam. Looks like something out of the rear deck of a Honda Civic.

Thank god I have a good idea what I am doing, this install is NOT for the novice.

bumpin_jeep 02-12-2011 10:44 PM

Re: My build
This is a seriously sick build my friend. Definitely going with all great equipment. Are you putting in any sound deading material? FYI - I have some rattle in my back passenger side panels where the two panels meet up behind the rear side window. Keep up the great work! And post pics as you go!!!

remmy 02-12-2011 11:19 PM

Re: My build
Yes, I do have deadening. Ive always used the (tar based) roofing stuff found in hardwares stores because its cheap as shit and gets the job done. Its also very very malleable. You can see the material I used to doctor up the Metra 6x9 adapter in the above picture. I lined the material to the inside of the door panel skin behind the woofers as well.

I am also aware of the same noise in the rear doors and this is my excuse to address them. I think its the chrome trim on the outside of the door thats causing the pproblem. I plan on lining the inside of the door skins of the rear doors as well.

JDM12 02-12-2011 11:28 PM

Re: My build

Side note: the build quality of the 'premium' boston 6x9's are lame.
X2, BA should be embarrassed to have their name on that system.

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