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99PlatinumWJ 02-05-2011 12:39 AM

rear suspension clunky
Ok so last weekend I installed 3/4 inch leveling spacers on the front, along with brand new monroe shocks front and rear as my original shocks had 123k miles and haven't been changed so I figured they were due. The front is fine, no problems after the install, the rear however is now making a clunking sound. Could this be the shocks, or could the springs have become unseated properly and they are bouncing around now..? I checked the shock bolts 3 times already and they are tight! I'm going to check the springs tmrw, just looking for some input as to where the sound could be coming from. Thank you in advance for any advice!

99PlatinumWJ 02-05-2011 12:47 AM

Re: rear suspension clunky
Oh also one of the bulbs in my gauge cluster went out, anyone know what size bulbs they are? I'm going to replace them with blue led's now since I have a reason if anyone knows the bulb size :) thank you!

99PlatinumWJ 02-05-2011 11:37 AM

Re: rear suspension clunky
Ok so I believe the bulb size is a 103, but I don't really care about that as much as my rear clunk. So I just check all the bolts again, the springs didn't come unseated. The problem must be the shocks... I'm gonna see if they are by putting my stock shocks back on tmrw. If the new monroes are the problem I'm returning them and might get a different brand. If its not the shocks I'm stumped

Chaoul1 02-05-2011 11:39 AM

Re: rear suspension clunky
It's probably time to replace the Shocks. You can go with Bilsteins on the WJ.

99PlatinumWJ 02-05-2011 11:49 AM

Re: rear suspension clunky
the monroe shocks are brand new, at the most a month old. just put them in and now the clunking noise started. im convinced its them, so tmrw im putting my stockers back on to see if there is a difference. thank you

TJXJWJ 02-05-2011 04:38 PM

Re: rear suspension clunky
If you hear the same noise with your old shocks, I bet it's your rear upper arm ball joint. Mine clunks when the rear suspension droops and that's what I think it is. Cheap part too...but from what I hear a bit of a PITA. I'm doing mine in the spring when it's not friggin blizzarding outside and above 10 degrees.

99PlatinumWJ 02-05-2011 06:49 PM

Re: rear suspension clunky
The sound wasn't there before, but ill find out tmrw. I really hope its just the shocks

Frango100 02-05-2011 10:39 PM

Re: rear suspension clunky
Heard from other guys that the bolts can be the problem. They changed them with a different type (its written somewhere in an other thread) and the noise was gone. Just changed my rear shocks last week with Monroe Reflex and no noises, with the standard bolts.

99PlatinumWJ 02-05-2011 11:14 PM

Re: rear suspension clunky
That makes sense, could be the bolts. Thanks frango100 ill look for the thread and see what I can find! Much appreciated

Frango100 02-05-2011 11:22 PM

Re: rear suspension clunky
Just found it in a thread that i started some time ago:

When you replace the rear shocks, you might consider picking up a set of M12-1.75x70 Class 8.8 bolts to replace the factory shock bolts. They seem to fit the aftermarket shocks a little better to reduce the chance of rattling.

Frango100 02-05-2011 11:25 PM

Re: rear suspension clunky
Oh, and regarding the lights question, when you go to you will find a whole list with P/N for the light bulbs, and a whole lot of other interresting info.

99PlatinumWJ 02-05-2011 11:27 PM

Re: rear suspension clunky
Thank you! Any chance you would know where to buy those bolts?

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