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Immo 02-06-2011 11:29 AM

MyGig RER 2.402 (iPhone 4)

08Hemi 11-20-2011 06:44 PM

Re: MyGig RER 2.402 (iPhone 4)
is this the most current RER mygig update? Thanks IMMO for alway posting these up for us!!!!

SvenskaJeepGuy 11-21-2011 02:35 AM

Re: MyGig RER 2.402 (iPhone 4)
This is the final rer upgrade

Immo 11-21-2011 07:35 AM

Re: MyGig RER 2.402 (iPhone 4)
I believe this is the last update. It took alot of pressure to get the iPhone issue fixxed.

*sox* 11-21-2011 09:50 AM

Re: MyGig RER 2.402 (iPhone 4)
yes. no more update for the RE.. units

2005JGC 12-02-2011 02:25 PM

Re: MyGig RER 2.402 (iPhone 4)
Just had to update one of these at work yesterday for an Iphone issue dropping calls... Worked great after update.

08Hemi 12-05-2011 05:33 PM

Re: MyGig RER 2.402 (iPhone 4)
I have the CD ready for anyone that wants it...PM me your address

Update fixed a lot of iPhone 4 issues I was having as well :)

hawkman996 12-21-2011 04:06 PM

Re: MyGig RER 2.402 (iPhone 4)
Finally updated from the 2.302 and on my short drive and test of my iphone it seems to be much better. It seemed to "pair" quicker than normal. Wish I would have looked for this sooner.


maltz99 08-05-2012 01:53 PM

Re: MyGig RER 2.402 (iPhone 4)

Originally Posted by Immo (Post 349320)

I cant seem to find a good update file to download. none seem to be working at all for the RER. is no longer up and the link here isnt working either. Any suggestions???

*sox* 08-05-2012 01:56 PM

Re: MyGig RER 2.402 (iPhone 4)
old update, install the 2.403!

Immo 08-06-2012 07:24 AM

Try this


Originally Posted by sox (Post 3982447)

Download from my Server:

MyDrive - Ihr Schweizer Online-Speicher

username: mygig@soxag
password: gasolio

Go to the Folder Software-Update RER-REW-REP there you find 2.403 iso and RAR file

Login | MyDrive - Ihr Schweizer Online-Speicher RER - REW - REP with Navigation

Immo 08-06-2012 07:43 PM

Re: MyGig RER 2.402 (iPhone 4)
The official MyGig update RER 2.403 available for download. I have verified it burns fine and with Nero Media Suite 10 or Express Burn Disc Burning Software by NCH. You can burn this to a DVD or a CD! (Please do not use the standard burning software that came with your operating system. Very rarely will you get a successful burn.)

I have installed and verified operation with the Lockpick installed.

1. the raw files

username: mygig@soxag
password: gasolio

Go to the Folder Software-Update RER-REW-REP there you find 2.403 iso and RAR file.

2. Or you can receive a free disc from Chrysler here: (Takes 4 to 8 weeks to receive)

Here is your instructions for the raw files.

Once the disc is burned.......

Do not attempt to install WITHOUT THE MOTOR RUNNING! If the MyGig looses power at anytime during the install you can forget about the MyGig ever working again!

It is VERY IMPORTANT to read the following instructions before you attempt to install. Failure to read could turn your pretty MyGig into a expensive brick mounted in your dash!

What ever you do do NOT remove the disc till the MyGig asks you to install the software a second time! This is the equivalent of the "Your installation is complete" window. Then you simply click "NO" then you can eject the disc.

MyGig versions in the order of release from newest to oldest


Here a list of all the fixes...

2.403 RER/REW
TA (Traffic Announcements) bug fix...and uconnect phone list update

2.402 RER/REW released July 2010
I-Phone Bluetoothcompatibility fix (You must be running Apple version 4.2.1 or newer on your device as well... )

2.401 RER/REW/REP:
Intermittent no sound from audio system when using remote start
Radio lock up when using U-Connect
Repeated "acquiring signal" message when in satelliteradio mode

2.302 RER/REW released July 2010
Updated all logo graphics and use VEH_BRAND and special package for MY11 and

2.107 RER/REW released May 2010
Bug fix for Genre being reported as numerical value
Bug fix for flashes in the cluster after a HDD next track operation
Bug fix for GPS time lockup
Added support for new vehicle message matrix 911
Fully implement audio EQ 11.0

2.043/2.045 RER/REW/REP released October 2009
Added minimize button to hide/show all buttons on the map
Implemented PDO release for Nav OPTIONS, both in motion and in static
Change of all sub screens after HDD AVAILABLE CATERGORIES to read “EXIT”
instead of “CANCEL”
Added Pause/Play button to HDD and Disc per PDO Release
Diesel Gasoline POI category
Pop up to notify user that X tracks were successfully copied out of Y tracks
POI redesign
New Startup logo and associated changes for “Sterling” vehicle type (DA).
Added support for Fuel Saver Mode in the HS HEV (new signal
FUEL_SA_MD_ACT in CAN VMM820b). Continue to use CYL_DEACT for LS.
Several bug fixes for POI listing – alphabetical ordering, favorites and nearby POI
Bug fix for phone call VR barge in failure
Bug fix for incorrect volume after call
Bug fix for no clock option for +9.5 and +10.5 time zones
Bug fix for blue screen while scrolling in construction area
Fix for navigation volume during a phone call
Fix for disc lock up when trying to add picture from disc
Bug fix for audio blip when seeking in FM mode
Fix for Nav Main Menu missing SK
Bug fix for blue squares displayed on map
Bug fix for GPS information not populating

1.220 RER/REW/REP released January 2009
Several Bluetooth bug fixes for Blackberry 8700, V3m RAZR and LG VX8550.
iPod charging bug fix that does not require iPod to disconnect.
Voice Recognition of “HOME” was missing and fixed
Eject disc during power off bug fix
Navigation Data Base for MY07 radio updates with RS6 or earlier bug fix
Several bug fixes after Nav Data Base update, touch screen lock up & POI by City
Several UConnect bug fixes – Radio does not exit UConnect after call transfer, no
ring on incoming phone call, Phonebook list is empty, HMI frozen and could not
access UConnect.
Bug fix for Speech Dialog System lock-up.
Several Navigation/Map issues – Trail not showing on map, adding stop over while
in motion, reset caused by detour and avoid turn.
Bug fix for MEMO record
Fixed Dealer button on Emergency Screen
Speed and Flow information incorrect
Bug fix on radio reset during copy of large mp3 file from disc.
Black map after software update fixed

9.807 RER/REW/REP Software update disc (same as 1.055 software in Model Year 2009 radios)
New UConnect Functionality – support of Phone Book Download from compatible
Bluetooth Hands Free Phones. A paired phone will automatically download phone
numbers to the MyGIG address book. Radio provides Voice Recognition to all names
in this download. User can manually store individual names to the permanent address
Added more BluetoothCompatible phones (many new phones including Motorola Q)
Human Machine Interface (HMI) improvements
Added Alpha jump to HDD lists (select first letter in a list instead of
scrolling through list)
Moved JB (Juke Box) tab to FAVORITES under HDD
New progress icon for downloading music
Changed some POI icons on the map (removed yellow background)
Added phone book download status icon under UConnect screen.
Improved reliability of downloading Maps, Gracenote and application updates
Major Bug fixes
Fixed all audio mutes (missing audio) on Start Up.
Increased the number of Sirius Traffic messages and speed/flow
Note, iPod support is only available today through Model Year 2009 radios via a
serial port out the back of the radio. It is not currently an upgrade for Model Year
2007 and 2008 radios.

9.713 MY08V2.2 RER/REW/REP released March 2008 mailed to all dealers and users
Enable Wrangler microphone for UConnect and Voice Recognition
HDD firmware update to prevent Master Cylinder HDD corruption
Able to play imported compressed music from same album in order of the track
Navigation data base improved update software
SAT preset to new defaults
No change to Navigation or Gracenote data base
Note – Mopar Part Number 1-CDL1H111

9.665 MY08V2.1 RER/REW/REP released January 2008 only in for new production units
Graphics Accelerator for faster 3D map
Overlay Sirius speed and flow on Map in three colors, RED, YELLOW & GREEN
Update of UConnect bluetooth drivers for Verizon phones (i.e. Motorola V3)
Faster POI lookup
Improved Software update process using CRC error check
No change to Navigation or Gracenote data base

9.561 MY08V2.0 RER/REW/REP released October 2007
5 second timer on Accept Screen (aka Nag Screen)
iPhone Uconnect support added
Saves the Nav Prompt volume to 0 over an IGN cycle
Fixes loss of SAT presets
No change to Navigation or Gracenote data base

9.556 MY08V1 RER/REW/REP (North America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Australia)
released July 2007
Bug fix radios stuck in Spanish or French (Wrangler)
Bug fix radios stuck in Demo mode
No change to Navigation or Gracenote data base

9.041 MY07 RER (North America) launched in March 2007
Launched on Nitro, Wrangler and Sebring (Avenger)
Navigation Data Base 1Q06 (March 2006)
Gracenote August 2006

8.044 MY07 REW (Europe) launched in December 2006
UConnect & Voice Recognition Disabled
Navigation Data Base 1Q06 (March 2006)
Gracenote August 2006

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