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Scottina06 02-12-2011 12:25 AM

"Bloodied" 2011 Durango

White Chocolate 02-12-2011 12:30 AM

Re: "Bloodied" 2012 Durango

Scottina06 02-12-2011 12:35 AM

Re: "Bloodied" 2012 Durango
yeah...I dont like the durango at all...but it is bloodied.....LOL

BOYCHIKS 02-12-2011 01:18 AM

Re: "Bloodied" 2012 Durango
Looks a bit mean in the front.

OBXJeep 02-12-2011 08:21 AM

Re: "Bloodied" 2012 Durango
^ agreed

mjl2610 02-12-2011 08:42 AM

Re: "Bloodied" 2012 Durango
It looks nice and aggressive. I am going to the Chicago Autoshow with my old man Sunday to see what we have on display there.

Megatron 02-12-2011 09:35 AM

Re: "Bloodied" 2012 Durango
saw the commercial for their awd versions.. not too shabby

DAVY27 02-12-2011 09:52 AM

Re: "Bloodied" 2012 Durango
come on Scott, its semi-bloodied. you know it got a bit of a way to go before fully bloodied :thumbsup:
bit aggressive in the front but thats about it.

Knightrider03m 02-12-2011 12:26 PM

Re: "Bloodied" 2012 Durango
Eww, torred. I would jack it with a cheese grater than to own a car with that color hue of red. Hell, I mightiest well join my fire department with that car LOL

I think black would look badass with the sport pkg :D

hawkman996 02-12-2011 05:49 PM

Re: "Bloodied" 2012 Durango
Eh, it's alright. I like the headlights.

DJ BoNiOmArIo 02-12-2011 05:55 PM

Re: "Bloodied" 2012 Durango

B.P.O.D 02-12-2011 11:03 PM

Re: "Bloodied" 2012 Durango
i still think these look badass!

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