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LimitedStyleJeep 02-15-2011 07:05 PM

A lil help from those with HIDs
This whole HID idea I had has been a year long nitemare.. Between the research and the thought of having a retrofit done has driven me nuts. I was set on doing a retrofit until i was quoted 800 - 900 dollars..

Now I must decide what to do. First was the company to go with. Retro Solution or Xenon Depot? Retro solution offers lifetime warranty yet Xenon Depot seems to have the better review by most.

So I contacted Xenondepot and explained what i was looking for. " 4300K Digital system and a good set of projector headlights that look stock" Sorry im just not a fan of Angel Eyes. No offense but Yuppie BMW owners can keep them.

After hearing back from XenonDepot told " It depends on your vehicle. Our product will literally replicate your OEM beam pattern. If your stock headlights provide a sharp cut off our HID kit will literally replicate your OEM beam pattern."

Thus eliminating the need for projectors?

My QUESTION to those with HIDs in the WJ's is Does anyone have the Extreme Kits in the Stock housing and how does it look? Or is it better to get the projectors?????

I love the Look and performance of HIDs but Im one of those drivers who cringes at people throwing HIDs in Stock housing and go driving off into the nite BLINDING people. Like the moron up the street from me with a 8000K kit in a 1991 Chevy Lumina..

ithinkfit914 02-16-2011 05:21 AM

Re: A lil help from those with HIDs
I have the volt kit from xenon depot in my stock housings. I have 6000k. It's really all about aiming the light pattern. I used my friends civic as a guide. i'm pretty much aimed all the way down. haven't had anybody flash me yet that they're blinded haha

straty1987 02-21-2011 05:51 PM

Re: A lil help from those with HIDs
you can get a set of gen3 (3 leds on side amber reflector)projection headlight of eBay for $160 shipped and they have a decent projector for the low. not like a BMW or Lexus but dose not blind people.

you can skip installing the connecting the halos and just get a basic set of HID's 35W blaster with 4300K bulbs.

have picked up a set of black gen3 return (one of the haole wires was cut at the housing so tehy cant light up on one side right now) and they are praticly new. i dont like teh way they lok on my silver jeep and will posting then for sale.
i picked up everything for them (4300K hid, amber led to convert the whites, & relay kit for the hids) an they good but i had chrome headlight and the baclk dose not work on my sliver jeep. cut off is good on these headlights

if you want can retro fit a set yourself. has god prjectors and if you have the time can do it yourself

Amelie 02-27-2011 05:23 AM

Re: A lil help from those with HIDs
I know some people swear up and down about XenonDepot and I have heard good reviews of them, But if you're pressed for cash at the moment, Why not get a kit from DDM along with your projectors? You will probably most likely need a wire harness due to the WJ's weak stock harness and overall as a safeguard in case of emergencies.

I've been running a DDM 55w 4500k kit for almost a year and haven't had any problems since they were installed. (When I first ordered the kit, I ordered 4 x 55w 4500k kits with 2 relays. One of the ballasts I received was defective and blew 2 of my capsules but luckily I had 2 extra because I intended to do my fogs)

Before I ordered the HID kit, I bought a replacement "Limited" headlight from Amazon, The replacement had a much better beam pattern than my old one due to it being heavily fogged up (Had a crack inside and moisture seeped in and ruined it). I made sure to aim them properly and have not been flashed.

I'm sure as most people would tell you a projector would be better due to it providing a better even distribution of light over a wider area than the stock reflectors. Mine has a couple of noticeable "hotspots", So I would eventually like to get a projector assembly but is still a much greater improvement over my previous one (Though do make sure it's a Gen III as most would recommend as well) Also, I don't know if you're able to run a 55w with the projector due to the added heat.


Projector: (As you can tell, The projector is superior due to the light being focused and none of it being lost from scatter above the cutoff)

As straty1987 mentioned, you can totally skip the wiring process of the angel eyes or CCFL's if you don't like the look of them. It won't impact your performance whatsoever since their obviously for aesthetic purposes.

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