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rybocf 02-17-2011 02:57 PM

Message popped up on radio, anyone else?
I was driving home yesterday, I have the 430 (w/nav, not sure exactly which one I have) and I was listening to some sirius station when a message popped up on the screen. I only saw it for a second until it vanished, but it showed the name of an artist and title of a song, said something about it being a favorite, and there were a couple of buttons I could have pushed.

I got the impression a song was found on a station that I could have switched to, but I have never heard of this feature and I have not setup any favorites (don't even know how/where).

Any of you guys know about this and where there might be some detailed instructions?


J13ntv 02-17-2011 03:08 PM

Re: Message popped up on radio, anyone else?
I have the 730 RER but I know this is a feature on standalone sirius radios, mine used to have it before I got the Jeep. You can favorite a song/artist and when it comes on a station as you mentioned then it alerts you and you can change to listen if you want. I assume you must have accidentally pressed a station as a favorite when in the SAT mode.

Below is from the 430N manual
"The SAT mode Favorites list allows you to tag particular artists or songs so you will be notified each time that artist or song is playing on another SIRIUS channel.
To tag an artist or song, press the FAVORITES button while the song is playing.
Not all SIRIUS stations allow a song or artist to be tagged.
When one of your favorite artists or songs begins playing on another SIRIUS channel, a message appears (depend- ing on the Song Alerts setting) that allows you to tune to the station where your favorite is playing.
The Song Alerts setting is accessed in the SAT Menu, Favorites screen.
Any time a favorite artist or song is playing, the favorite icon appears in the bottom bar.
If you have set up favorite sports teams and one of those teams has a game being broadcast on SIRIUS, the favorite sport icon appears in the bottom bar anytime the game starts or when there is a score update.
When you are in SAT mode, you can change your Song and Game Alert settings by pressing the MENU hard-key, then pressing the FAVORITES soft-key."

rybocf 02-17-2011 03:10 PM

Re: Message popped up on radio, anyone else?
Cool, thanks!

J13ntv 02-17-2011 03:14 PM

Re: Message popped up on radio, anyone else?
NP if you want to download your radio manual go here.

and you have the 430RBZ and click on the left side below the PDF icon.. Media Center 430 (RBZ) Manual it will download.

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