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tonchip51 02-18-2011 07:23 AM

Same old oil drip problem
i just had my jeep service department do an oil and filter change on my 2002 wj thinking the small oil drip problem i continue to experience may have been caused by a faulty install of the oil filter.
when i got home, about two or three oil drops were again on my driveway after the engine had cooled.
i noticed on the work order the mechanic used 5w20 motor oil. My manual says 10w30 is the recommended oil for my wj.
could this be why the oil is dripping?
also, and most importantly, i am leaving on a long road trip next week from pa to florida.
do you think it will be ok to take this trip with my engine dripping small amounts of oil and then have the problem diagnosed and repaired when i return home from this trip?
i am very worried about making this trip with an oil drip problem.
thanks for any help you can provide!

TJXJWJ 02-18-2011 07:40 AM

Re: Same old oil drip problem
I doubt the difference in weight it what is causing the drip...but you never know.

Have you managed to get under it an look? Is it in fact coming from the filter? Sometimes if they are over or under tightened, or the mating surface isn't wiped off, you'll get a slow drip.

In the meantime, keep checking levels regularly when cold to make sure you're not losing more than you think you are.

Frango100 02-18-2011 09:20 AM

Re: Same old oil drip problem
Because they are suppost to change the seal for the oil drain plug and the filter already comes with a new seal, i doubt the problem is coming from there. But only a look under the hood and/or under the engine will tell you more. Just a few drops of oil after some hours parked should not be a problem for your trip, but just check the level more often. But you said "same old drip problem", so it was already leaking for some time. If the oil level didn't went down considerably before, it will probably continue doing the same.
The viscosity of the oil should not make too much of a difference for the oil to leak out. But before you go its good to know where it is leaking from.
Strange that your jeep service department didn't report anything.

FredoinSF 02-18-2011 10:50 AM

Re: Same old oil drip problem
The leak could also be power steering related. The PS pump and hoses are right above the oil filter.

Get under the car and check what area the leak is coming from. If it's dripping onto the filter then you could be looking at the high pressure power steering hose. It's OK to drive the car with a little dripping, just check to PS fluid level while the car is cold. If it needs a top off, make sure you use the proper power steering fluid. It has to come from the dealer and even they will pawn off the wrong stuff (like they did for your motor oil) if you are not careful. It says right on the back of the bottle that it is the fluid for Chrysler vehicles through 1998 and Gd Cherokee up to 2004.

My local dealer part guy thanked me for "the education" and gave me the PS Fluid practically for free as a result. My leak is fixed now so I have 1.5 Qt of extra fluid sitting around for anyone in the Bay Area or Reno who wants to pick it up (too bad you're in PA.)

If you are indeed leaking motor oil, keep an eye on the level until you can get it diagnosed and fixed. With only a few drops here and there, I would take the trip but check the level at every fill up and top off if required.

BTW, the regular 4.7L V8 takes 5W30 motor oil, the HO takes 10W30 - according to The dealer service dept probably put in 5W20 because that's what the HEMI takes and I would assume they that's mostly what they see coming in for oil changes these days.

vicpick58 02-18-2011 04:35 PM

Re: Same old oil drip problem
Since you say that the drip is coming from the oil filter area, it also could be the oil pressure sensor. It is located directly above the oil filter on a 4.7.

Another idea is the oil pan it's self, I have read posts on other Jeep forums of people in rust belt states having the oil pan rust out. Probably due to the poor paint job on them from the factory. My Overland came from the Reno NV area and it had surface rust on the oil pan when I bought it.

I repainted it and the diff covers shortly after buying the used Jeep.

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