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Keyser 02-19-2011 03:23 PM

playing games
I'm tired of car makers playing games with potential customers,many manufacturers come out months and weeks before an introduction of new model with teaser snapshots and basic info,in the case of the new srt-8 why Chrysler doesn't come out and give us the full specs and some actual shots of the vehicule,the new engine is out in the challenger and charger soon to be shown in the 300C,everybody knows the truck is green lit for production in july.From a business point of view it would be so much better if Chrysler gave us the info sooner than later,they could start taking deposits from people that are positive about taking ownership of the vehicule in the futur.I mean look at what happened with mineral gray and saddle interior(late availability,on restriction,blah blah)I can understand if we we're talking about MY2014 or such,two months away from the New York auto show and still no recent pics,and i don't want to see pics with camoflage that's another insult to me.Nobody will steal any design cues from Chrysler if anything.We the target market for this vehicule might be able to comment on the appearance or features that we want or don't want.It would save Chrysler time and money.Milous give us some more info please.:motx:

Repo503 02-19-2011 03:47 PM

Re: playing games
They do it this way so they can keep the good publicity going...first the challenger, then a little later the Charger, this week it was the 300...if they just dumped all the details all at once that would be one press release, one magazine article. Doing it this way they maximize their press footprint. They aren't stupid.

Keyser 02-19-2011 05:44 PM

Re: playing games
Why not come out sooner with the info for the srt-8 jeep,has you said first it was the challenger then came the charger,soon the 300C,the challenger is in production,the others i don't know but it doesn't really matter most potential jeep srt-8 owners don't own or are not planning on purchasing the whole srt lineup.Make us a preview on youtube don't play games up to the last minute like we were somekind of 6 year old a couple of weeks before Chrystmas.The hype that's been building up ever since the wk2 came out is slowly turning in to frustration or most people have forgotten about it or they don't care anymore.It's like are they going to build it or not and then when?and then what's it got....oh wait what does it look like.The only people you give a SHHH... are people like us(previous and current owners of the first gen. and the Chrysler dealers.The non owners or the potential ones are not looking at clock to see when it will turn up,heck most people don't know about it.Just my opinion.

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