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triggasrt 03-02-2011 11:34 AM

New Sound System for 07 SRT8 :)
OK 1st question and this will help me decide what i am going to do...

I have the premium Boston Acustic sound system with back-up camera, UConnect and rear DVD player.

Does my head unit have rca pre-outs for amps??

If I am going to replace all my door speakers and add subs is it best to just replace the head unit?? Is there one that will work with my back-up camera, UConnect and rear DVD player?

I have done audio mods in my past cars but none had a audio system this advanced with all the extras.

Any advise is greatly appreciated!!!

08Hemi 03-02-2011 11:37 AM

Re: New Sound System for 07 SRT8 :)

There is a link to my install thread...I did not change my door speakers, but recently added new dash speakers w/ tweets...that thread will help with install and your RCA outputs question...

triggasrt 03-02-2011 11:53 AM

Re: New Sound System for 07 SRT8 :)
Awesome!!! Your the MAN!!! I have been reading on this forum alot and everyone is so helpfull!

triggasrt 03-02-2011 12:12 PM

Re: New Sound System for 07 SRT8 :)
Where did you get that adapter? How much? How many RCA's does it give you?

08Hemi 03-02-2011 12:22 PM

Re: New Sound System for 07 SRT8 :)
IIRC, like $80; it gives you 2, one Front (speakers) and one Rear (sub(s))

draft6969 03-02-2011 12:34 PM

Re: New Sound System for 07 SRT8 :)
It sounds like you should keep your radio, add the rca adapter, add a sub amp and some subs, and replace the stock speakers, if you are unsure about changing out the door speakers just change out the dash speakers. they will make the most difference and they are super simple to swap out. and you could always add the kicker amp upgrade if you want a little more power with minimal hassle

triggasrt 03-02-2011 01:06 PM

Re: New Sound System for 07 SRT8 :)
Ok so i just got off the phone with Crutchfield and they do not have the C2A-CHY3 adapter anymore. They told me to use this

Which is super gay because this taps into your speaker wiring for the rear speakers and converts it into a RCA for amps. I never liked this way off adding RCA outputs to a system as i feel they distort and just wont be good.

I am installing some very nice subs ((3) 8'' Digital Design) and i dont wont to have any problems with the low pass feed for them.

I guess if i want quality i am will need to replace the Head Unit so I have RCA pre-outs.

Has anyone ever used these interface modules that taps into speaker wires to get RCA outputs????

triggasrt 03-02-2011 01:09 PM

Re: New Sound System for 07 SRT8 :)
To add: I have done several audio upgrades in my life to all of my previously owned vehicles and this is the most trouble i have had deciding what to do!!! :confused::confused::confused::eek::(

08Hemi 03-02-2011 01:18 PM

Re: New Sound System for 07 SRT8 :)
find the PAC IMO...there has to be somewhere that sells them still??

draft6969 03-02-2011 01:24 PM

Re: New Sound System for 07 SRT8 :)
it sounds like you are married to that stock deck if you want to keep your back up camera, rear dvd and u connect. and you can keep good sq with your stock deck. crutchfield cant be the only people in the world that has them. also there are many manufactures that make clean sweep systems like jl audio produce. just call and they will sett you up with a much better way than the old "splice into the rear speaker wires"
and calm down its really not that hard. dont make it more than it really is:D have fun with it. thats what its all about.:thumbsup:

triggasrt 03-02-2011 01:39 PM

Re: New Sound System for 07 SRT8 :)
Yea i know it does seem like I am married to the head unit. Im not opposed to changing it but rather keep it and spend the money on new speakers and stuff. Knowing me i will spend wayyyyy to much on a head unit. I wish i could put the new touch screen head units in they have on the newer jeeps...

I talked to a local vendor and they said they are still available.:D

Gosh I am so torn on replacing the head unit! :banghead:

draft6969 03-02-2011 01:42 PM

Re: New Sound System for 07 SRT8 :)
well leave it in, do all the installation you want (subs, amps, speakers, ect..) and you can always change the deck out in the future if you want. its just that easy.
but i vote to keep it. if you do all the upgrades correctly you will never need to change it out.

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