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corduroy 03-12-2011 09:16 AM

Going from REF to ???
Hey all,
I want to change out the stereo head unit on my '06 WK. Nothing fancy but something that would have built in navi (even though our phones do it too), rearview capabilities and ability to play mp3s (either sd or via usb). Re-reading that, I guess that makes it kind of fancy. I've searched the forums and think I'm close with what I want to do. I'm just kind of stuck between a few choices.

  1. Has anyone used or heard of anyone using the generic REF navi that's sold on ebay? I've come across something similar to that style of knockoff on my other car and know that they have some issues from others who bought it on that forum (audio going out when the reverse cam is on, sometime BT or USB issues). I'll attach a pic of it at the end that i ripped from ebay. Seems kinda expensive for what it is though.
  2. Another option is going with a F700bt/F900bt (or JVC's HD3, that looks tempting) and then purchasing the bezel (and can/bus controller too, right?). Only negatives with this is that it's a little more expensive and won't look as clean (maybe more prone to someone wanting to break in?) but higher stereo quality (not like the REF is better than anything here, haha) and an extra 1" of screen.
  3. Then there's a hybrid of the two which would be a double din navi with the same OS as option 1... that would probably be the cheapest option since those units go for ~300 but would probably be fugly and have quality issues... Now I'm just stretching, haha.
  4. ???
  5. Profit ;)
So what do you all think?

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