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dumermuthjared 03-13-2011 11:09 PM

looking to buy some new speakers for my wj but not wanting to sacrifice any sound quality. has anyone done anything to theirs? if so how does it sound? did you lose any bass?

TJXJWJ 03-14-2011 08:31 AM

Re: Speakers
Well, sound is always subjective, everyone "hears" differently, but I love my simple set up. I've got the OEM Infinity system with the little amp and CD changer. All I did was swap out the OEM speakers with Polks and I'm VERY happy. I may swap out the head unit one day, but not because the sound isn't good enough...more so for features and functionality.

Polk 6x9's in the front doors (DXi690)
Polk 6.5's in the rear doors (DXi650)
Polk 3.5's in the front dash (DXi350) - These are a tight squeeze, but they fit with a little work.

dumermuthjared 03-14-2011 04:14 PM

Re: Speakers
so you used the factory amp on your polks? which polk audio speakers did you go with?

TJXJWJ 03-14-2011 05:28 PM

Re: Speakers

Originally Posted by dumermuthjared (Post 375397)
so you used the factory amp on your polks? which polk audio speakers did you go with?

Sure did...just removed oem and installed the polk units listed in my last post. Just drop those Polk part numbers into bestbuy's site for a visual.

straty1987 03-14-2011 06:59 PM

Re: Speakers
did you notice a bid differences over stock speakers?

TJXJWJ 03-14-2011 07:49 PM

Re: Speakers
Absolutely. The clarity at all volumes is TONS better. You can push them harder without worrying about ever damaging anything because the speakers can take way more than the OEM amp and head unit can push. My Wrangler had 6 polk speakers, a crossover, an amp for the 6 speakers, and a powered 10" I know what a well laid out system can sound like. This doesn't top that, but it's more than enough for my purposes...and I listen to everything but country. I like Dave Matthews, Tool, NIN, but then listen to Jay-Z, and TI too, and it sounds great with everything.

dumermuthjared 03-14-2011 08:56 PM

Re: Speakers
im taking it that you dont get any highs out of the 6x9's?

TJXJWJ 03-14-2011 09:43 PM

Re: Speakers
...some...but not much. They are 3-way speakers. The highs come from the tweets up by the windshield though. I put bass blockers on them.

2004wjmedic 03-21-2011 07:50 AM

Re: Speakers
I changed mine out with JL Audio XR650's for the doors and C5 tweeters for the dash. I'm running them a HD900/5 and also added a 10w7v2 in a ported box for all the base that you could ever possibly need. Needless to say it'll rock. I know my local store has what's left of the XR650's for about 120-140 per pair and I love the way the sound. Not completely sure of the base output for them because of the way I have the amp crossover set up but you will not be disappointed with your mid's and high's. Good luck and happy listening!

ChiefNWA 03-21-2011 09:15 AM

Re: Speakers
I replaced my front speakers with 6.5" Alpine Type-S SPS-600C and my rears with a pair of 6.5" Alpine SPE-6000 speakers. I had someone else install the tweeters since the tweeters that come with the component speakers are much smaller then the stock ones. I got all this for about $215 at a local store, but you can get it MUCH cheaper online. I personally think they have great sound quality and pretty good bass.

Pair these with a pair of Kenwood 12"s and a nice head unit you'll have a great, budget sound system.

Tomt39 03-22-2011 05:20 PM

Re: Speakers
Wow, awesome discussion on the stereo install solutions. It sounds like some of you had the premium sound system originally which my Laredo did not. So the first thing I did was change out the factory head unit. I had two goals: the best sound I could afford (1000.00 budget), and I wanted to retain the stock interior appearance.

I installed an Alpine CDA-9887 as the heart of the system and I have been totally pleased. You can run ipod, mp-3, cd, portable hard drive, satellite radio, whatever you want. I have a 160gb ipod in my glove compartment with all ALAC files I've converted from FLACS (I'm a lossless freak). The search features for the head unit are acceptable and the Burr Brown DAC converter is state of the art. This is the only thing that doesn't look factory. Everything else is concealed.

I like the idea of the polk speakers but at the time I was shopping all the on line stores indicated their were space issues in the doors. I was also worried about the ohm difference running an extra set of speakers out of one side of the amp, so I popped off the dash cover and just removed the dash tweeters (this was recommended by the way). I then installed Alpine SPR-69Cs (6x9) in the front doors, and SPR-17Cs (6 1/2") in the rear doors. These are both co-axial speakers. I've always felt 3-ways sound too "muddy" in the mid-ranges and I get a much crisper sound with these. Both are rated at 100w continuous, and have the added feature of directional tweeters so I could point them up toward the listener.

For power I went with two Eclipse EA4200 type D amps and bridged them so 1 amp drove the fronts the other the backs. This gave me 140 watts RMS to each speaker! This is makes them just rock and I have the gain set so I'm driving no distortion. They take it without a sweat. Man do they sound awesome. The amps have high and low pass filters, but I don't need them because the head unit has active adjustable crossover controls! I put the one amp under the back right passenger seat where the factory amp would go, and the other under the front passenger seat. (removed and reinstalled the seat-four bolts so no sweat). This setup had real benefits. I was able to route all the speaker wire from the amps up the right side back up to the wiring harness, and all the power down the left side from the firewall to the back seat. There I put in a three-way block to run power to the two amps and a self-powered sub for the back.

The sub finished off the system. I went with an Infinity bass-link 200W self powered unit. I was worried it wouldn't have enough power but it is excellent. I tried it in several places where it boomed but wasn't happy. Then I took the advice of a Crutchfield reviewer and placed it right behind and firing right into the back left seat. Problem solved. It is crisp, and punchin! Plus I have the added feature of still have the wider right side still available to fold down to haul stuff. I've never even bothered to screw down the sub and it's never tipped over. I can turn it sideways if I need a little extra space for hauling. It too has it's own crossover but instead I switched the head unit's 7 band eq to the 5 band parametric. This way I could set the head unit's low crossover at 80 hertz and shift the bottom eq band to 63 hertz with a normal slope. Set the low of the back speakers at 80 hertz with a normal slope (it already has enough bass from the sub), then set the front 6x9s to 63 hertz with a massive slope of 18. This lets them kick out a ton of bass without running any frequency through them below their rating.

Anyway, if I have my back cover installed the only thing you see non-factory is the head unit but it sounds awesome. Even without the cover it's hard to see the sub in the back tucked up against the back seat. I broke my budget a little too. I bought everything online and shopped heavily, but after buying the harness, wiring kits, etc, I came in around 1100.00. Hope this gives you all some ideas, and I'd love any comments or suggestions on how you solved your sound issues. I'm a music freak and there's nothing like good tunes when I'm rollin' in my jeep!

2004wjmedic 03-23-2011 08:44 AM

Re: Speakers
That sounds like a really nice system! Can you post a pick of your head unit? I decided to keep the factory head unit for my system and can an iPod integration kit so that the iPod acts like the factory six disc changer which seems to work pretty well but I'm not sure that I'm getting the best audio quality from this set up. I used to live in Charleston and the rule of thumb there was don't show what you have in your car and you get to keep it in your car without someone trying to steal it. So that is the plus to keeping the stock head unit from me. Living there made me slightly paranoid about my things. So far the only thing that you can see in my Jeep is the subbox but even that is semi difficult to see thru the tinted back windows and you can't really see it from the front because the box is fairly shallow and sits below the back of the rear seats.

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