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SRTILL8 03-14-2011 08:08 AM

Road was semi flooded... but
yeah i was all over upstate this weekend. went around to OCC and paul jr designs. on my way i had run into soo many road floods, some of which i couldnt roll through but some waters were soo high i had to turn around and bust out some "actual maps"- lol my navigation was all wrong all day- :lol: luckily for me i frequent the area so i know which roads leads to which and didnt have to look at maps too longs at all, its just the road floods were like every 5 miles or so :(

snapped a pic of one i rolled through--- it doesnt look all that high but it was only about 7inches... towards middle.... if i had a bwoody- it wouldve been ...nope find another route.....:D ;) :p :thumbsup:

heres a pic outside OCC-

and one outside paul jr's shop in montgomery-


StoneCold 03-14-2011 10:00 AM

Re: Road was semi flooded... but
Extremely jealous over here. Man I can't wait to get over there. A trip to OCC is definitely on the cards:thumbsup:

White WK Swagga 03-14-2011 10:04 AM

Re: Road was semi flooded... but
Sick!!! I wanna go!!!

SRTILL8 03-14-2011 10:12 AM

Re: Road was semi flooded... but
cheers fellas

the comical thing about the road floods was that when we eventually rolled through a couple that were 4-7 inches deep...... we would drive around the bend to find the road fully flooded so we would have to drive back through the 3-7 floods to get back on another road. my nav was all updated and shiot but it was 100% off in navigating roads... i knew more than it did..


soontobesrt 03-15-2011 07:38 PM

Re: Road was semi flooded... but
Ahhh I love OCC and PJD! The show is my favorite on TV man, been watching since I was like 14 lol. Im now almost 21 so Im a true fan :) I personally side with Jr because Sr has just gone off the deep end all in all. Anyway, they make some sick bikes and these are some sick pics! cant wait to get up there one day, maybe come home on a bike ;)

SRTILL8 03-15-2011 08:48 PM

Re: Road was semi flooded... but
same here, its funny how things turn out though right... sad and unfortunate but i guess paul sr doesnt see that also on jrs side. they are a 25-30 minute drive from my house and i remember going to visit the old warehouse back then when i drove up to paul jrs shop.

honestly paul sr has no more juice left in his tank (not that that there ever was.... no pun) the companies they built the bikes for were crazy for a bike for themselves..yeah...but honestly the sole reason they wanted a bike from OCC was the T.V exposure...((count how many times they say the companies name when they build bikes)) ...and not just a average bike build... paul jrs out of the scene-- and now that paul sr just makes "average looking choppers" its killing him emotionally and in his wallet---hence the suing of his son...

paul jr on the other hand still has some foreground to play on though... he still young and still makes cutting edge designs and pushes his envelope further each and every build...i mean look at his last 3 bikes... all of those had more custom "paul jr touches" all over it... compare that to the sub-par bikes paul sr made (not knocking the OCC crew at all though) its just doesnt help that paul sr shiots on his son and family every second hes on the air--not a good image to vendors and or customers/fan base....

all in all, jr will also fail in the longrun but it has been reported locally that paul sr will no longer have a camera crew on his location but paul jr will. the skinny of it all if you ask me is... people want to see jr and not sr...they found out majority of viewers and fan base was skipping thru sr's sections on the tv show and etc and have canned paul sr...

lol @ my rant-


White Chocolate 03-15-2011 08:52 PM

Re: Road was semi flooded... but
your rims are pure sex. I cant wait for a set of 22's in that finish

nighthawk306 03-19-2011 06:21 PM

Re: Road was semi flooded... but
nice pics! always wanted to get myself up to OC

KustomRider8 04-10-2011 01:52 AM

Re: Road was semi flooded... but
sickk jeep man!

Rocky31186 05-26-2011 07:44 PM

Re: Road was semi flooded... but
Damn ide love to be infront of PJD, I would like to meet him...

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