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ShawtyKING 03-14-2011 07:13 PM

Best to run power wire from battery into the inside-05WK
This is my first install for a jeep and i was just wondering what simplest route to take. Ive been searching the forums but I couldnt find the answer to this question even though im sure its been asked before so sorry about that. LOVE the forum and thanks in advance.

soontobesrt 03-15-2011 06:55 PM

Re: Best to run power wire from battery into the inside-05WK
Are you asking if you should, or how to? But either way, obviously you want to run your power off the battery to your amps, thats really the only option you have for powering amps etc, unless you get another battery and an isolator for the back just for more power/convenience etc.

Anyway if you weren't sure how to, the way I did it was simply cut a small hole in the firewall way down under the master cylinder and the grommet that are towards the bottom of the engine bay. Best bet would be to look down in there mark the spot and start a hole and see if you can find it on the inside so you'll be able to snake the wire through. There should be a nice hollow spot down there where you can get into the interior and then tuck it away all the way back to your amps. I just made it small enough the power wire was a snug seal so nothing else was needed to keep it air/water tight. Haven't had any issues and have had it like that for probably 2.5-3 years. Used a regular drill and smaller sized bit being as you only need to pierce the surface to get inside. Hope that helps.

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