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Tim@NCTSLLC 08-11-2009 09:59 PM

Turbo shake down! 1500 mile road trip!
1500 mile road trip, turbo shake down!

Yep, just wrapped up a 1500 mile marathon road trip last weekend in the turbo Cherokee. left Thursday night for a drive out to Minnesota to see the boys at Sharadon Performance, and do some tweaking on Jerry's 392 Supercharged Ram Pick up.

Sharadon are the ones who built the engine for Escape's Cherokee that I am now putting in.

My Cherokee now has over 7,000 miles on the turbo system and the iEMS3 engine management system. Over the 1500 miles, I averaged 18.2 mpg, three adults, our luggage, the wiener dog, and the AC on. I averaged 80 mph over 95% of the trip.

This is about 2 mpg better than I would get under those conditions when the Cherokee was stock. While the increase won't pay for a turbo system in short order, it certainly is a nice side benefit (I should apply for a Government stimulus bonus for those buying a system!

The boys at Sharadon were in shock at just how well behaved a turbo system would run on the new Hemi using the iEMS3 for the tuning end of things.

Their jaws dropped when I showed then how I could brake torque at the line without moving, and hold almost 5 lbs of boost for the launch! They had never seen one do that before without either falling on it's face off the line, or the ECU just completely freaking out. None of those shenanigans on mine!

Next addition will be a prototype tranny valve body for the late model Hemi's in the Cherokee to stiffen up the shifts and to cut down the time of the actual shift. Should be very interesting after seeing how the Sharadon Ram 545 tranny shifted (hard and fast!).

If anyone is going out to the St. Louis Monster Mopar weekend the end of September, stop by the Sharadon pit area, Sharadon will be driving my turbo Jeep in the 5.7 bracket class looking for some 5.7 wins!

We have already decided that in 23 months when the Grand Cherokee goes away, we will be building the King Commander running a Sharadon 5.7 based 392 stroker, NCTS turbo system, and SRT-8 drive train. Should be a very interesting project!

My 2006 5.7 300C logged over 36,000 miles on the turbo system, 30,000 running the iEMS2 (generation 2) without any issues, and now we are repeating the same thing on the turbo Cherokee!

Got Boost?

We do!
Turbocharger systems for the Modern MoPar, visit us at and for the latest in engine management system integration with your factory ECU.

Marlin 08-11-2009 11:30 PM

Re: Turbo shake down! 1500 mile road trip!
I like the way you think mate :)
This really is the first I've heard of this iEMS3 engine management, likely because I've had blinkers on waiting for Diablo to release one for muy '06 WH (export).

Tim@NCTSLLC 08-12-2009 12:20 AM

Re: Turbo shake down! 1500 mile road trip!

Originally Posted by Marlin (Post 46260)
I like the way you think mate :)
This really is the first I've heard of this iEMS3 engine management, likely because I've had blinkers on waiting for Diablo to release one for muy '06 WH (export).

Glad to hear the comments, more info on the iEMS3 can be found on my website or in the tuning manual I posted the link for. It is not Hemi specific although we made specific changes to the hardware/software to work with the Hemi and the Chrysler designed ECU systems, so you should be good to go.

What is different on the export model? Are you connected with a shop down in OZ?

Marlin 08-12-2009 12:44 AM

Re: Turbo shake down! 1500 mile road trip!
Great, I'll have a read through it when i have some time to digest it.
I'm uncertain what, if anything, is different with a WH, I'd be keen to be the test hack though. The Diablos run fine with SRT8 WH's and also with 300C exports, so you'd think there wouldn't be an issue.
I'm "affilatted" with a shop only so far as to say my buddy runs his own perforamnce shop here, and I've been around the tuning scene (mainly Jap grey imports such as GTR Skylines etc) for many many years, competing in all sorts of motorsport, and I still have close ties to other shops for specialty dyno work on my race car and others.
Funnily enough, Redcliffe Dyno (RDP to you guys) (aka Dyno Steve) is/was located only two minutes from me, and he's up-rooted and is now finally over your way milking the US of A :).

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