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flank72002 03-18-2011 09:16 AM

2005 Jeep Powertrain Warranty Transfer
Hello All. I am new to this forum. I need a little guidance about an engine and transmission issue.

I purchased my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee from a dealer a few years back but it wasn't new. I was the second buyer. Recently my engine failed and I was under the assumption that I had the 7 year 70,000 mile powertrain warranty, however, Chrysler said that it was modified to a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty upon transfer to me. Is there anything I can do at this point to get this engine failure covered under the original warranty? I do not believe the dealer (wholesale) who I bought it from mentioned that I would lose part of the warranty.



2005JGC 03-18-2011 11:39 AM

Re: 2005 Jeep Powertrain Warranty Transfer
Your best bet is goinng to be to call chrysler and be nice and beg for some kind of assistance.

stupid story, completely unrelated that will reiterate my point. My oldest sister just got married. I was in her wedding, tux and all. I thought for sure I had till sunday to retun the tux (wedding was friday night), when I returned it sunday I was informed I owed 25 dollars in a late fee. I mentioned that I thought for sure I was told it was due back sunday but decided it wasnt worth the fight considering I was sure if I looked at my paperwork it would probably say "due saturday" on it.

Whats the point of that story you ask? Its a crappy situation for you all around, but know that chrysler and the dealer have the upper hand. You can bitch and moan and freak out all you want, but when you look at your paperwork that YOU signed you know as well as I do that it will state what you were told... It is not up to the dealer to read the contract to you, its up to you to read through it, understand it, and be ok with it prior to signing. Im not trying to sound like a douche, I am being the voice of reality.

If you are lucky chrysler will assist you with the cost (just dont expect it to be free).

Btw, what caused the failure, and what engine is it?

Bosibus 03-18-2011 12:36 PM

Re: 2005 Jeep Powertrain Warranty Transfer
If the original owner had a 7y/70k powertrain warranty on the vehicle, you needed to transfer the powertrain warranty within 30 days after you purchased the vehicle at a cost of $150. If you purchased your vehicle from a Chrysler dealership, they should have told you to transfer it but I guess it is not their responsibility to do so. Hopefully you can get this worked out.

Look at page 387 in your manual for the timeline illustration of the warranty transfer information.

The same illustration is in the warranty book on page 1 and the following statement is made in the warranty booklet on page 7 in Section 2.2.

2.2 Powertrain Limited Warranty
A. Who is Covered?
You are covered by the Powertrain Limited Warranty if you are the first purchaser for use of the vehicle. You are also covered if you are the second purchaser for use of the vehicle, and have paid the $150 transfer fee within 30 days of purchase. See Section 2.2.F for more information about transfer of coverage."

sean6365 03-18-2011 01:30 PM

We bought our 05 wk and I just happen to ask if it did have any remaining warranty. They told me about the 7/70 and was able to transfer. They also told us that it's fully transferable but do need to do
it ASAP if we waited. We ended getting a Jeep service contract to extend the warranty for 5/70 and they didn't charge for original warranty transfer. I honestly think that your going to have a hard time getting them to cover it. Did the dealer you bought it from state on the "As is" sheet that you had remaining factory warranty? Or did he state no warranty but optional warranty was available?

SvenskaJeepGuy 03-18-2011 01:45 PM

Re: 2005 Jeep Powertrain Warranty Transfer
if you didnt pay the $150 transfer fee when you bought it, you are SOL

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