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mprmn08 03-19-2011 10:03 AM

home made cai
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did this about 20 min. ago. noticed it when looking at the intake setup thinking about making my own intake and i figured for now why not make the stock setup as good as possible. heres a couple pics. anyone done this yet? the first one is the finished product and the second is me holding up the "deflector" thats there stock.

i0r15 03-19-2011 10:09 AM

Re: home made cai
Imo that's not gonna do you nothing. Since you still have the big air filter box slowing down any air pushed in there. But good initiative though :thumbsup:

mprmn08 03-19-2011 10:24 AM

Re: home made cai
ahhh u suck. lol j/k well it was worth a shot at least. like i said just doing it till i build a a real one anyways

i0r15 03-19-2011 10:28 AM

Re: home made cai

Originally Posted by mprmn08 (Post 378842)
ahhh u suck. lol j/k well it was worth a shot at least. like i said just doing it till i build a a real one anyways

Yeah I know :D
But hey! At least you're trying. That shows more spirit than simply ordering a cai online ;)

jeepgcoman 03-19-2011 03:30 PM

Re: home made cai
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Some hints for you. I've built CAI's for both my Hemi (LX and WK) vehicles. I used the LX SRT-8 airbox on both. You can make the stock WK airbox work better than many of the aftermarket ones for very little $$$, and still draw in ambient air, unlike some of the aftermarket ones that draw in hot air from the engine compartment. Before I found the time to make the SRT setup for my WK I modified the stock setup to bring in more air and get it to flow better. I knew it was only going to be temporary, so I didn't take a lot of pains doing it. Here are a few pix.....the stock airbox modified, the cheesy intake tube and the final SRT setup.

If you use the stock WK airbox (hopefully the 4.7 box is the same), there is a "pull off" cap on the bottom of the box that just has a little drain hole in it. Remove that, attach a (as I remember) 3 in. aluminum tube and route it to somewhere that will pull in ambient air. Try to keep it fairly high, especially if you're in a wet climate, and don't put a loop in it unless you punch a small hole in the bottom at the low point. This will allow any water that enters the tube to be drained. I left the stock inlet alone. I am sure that this setup will flow more than a stock engine is capable of ingesting. If interested, I have a reference to the stock 5.7 LX airbox flow capabilities, which are quite a bit higher than the stock engine can use. I am sure the WK ones are somewhat similar. Also, a CAI will make virtually no difference when putting around town. They work better at higher RPM.

IMO, you also need to get rid of the stock exhaust manifolds, because your overall volumetric efficiency (VE) is adversely affected if you don't do both. An efficient CAI only fixes part of the VE problem as it pertains to intake and exhaust.

wkthursty 03-20-2011 04:27 PM

Re: home made cai
yeah i found this idea on here last year and did it. very popular. recomend a k&n drop in replacement filter if your keeping stock. mabye even a little mesh guard over the opening and i took the little can at the bottom of the air box off and drilled holes into it in a spiral pattern that was if water got in there it ran out quicker and a little more suck from the box. just what i did to my intake.

HiddenTalent 03-20-2011 10:01 PM

Re: home made cai
Not of fan of that things location because it flows straight into the air box. Driving in rain I'd be worried it would fill the box. I'm sure you're not worried about that though since you build engines! ;)

I'd feel safer with an open air box/cone behind the headlight. As you well know us Wbody guys take our driver's headlight out at the track. ;)

mprmn08 03-20-2011 10:11 PM

Re: home made cai
ya I thought bout the rain thing but like I said it's only a temp thing ayway. I have another car I'll drive if it's rainin out bad enough anyway. I plan on a real cai this week so...

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