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ilber 03-20-2011 12:25 PM

Greetings, forum.
I am looking to purchase an Overlander 4x4 hemi, 18"ORA II, 703n, Pano roof, Balcberry Pearl...
I guess I can introduce myself now since I discolsed my intentions.
I am somewhat of a car person my fleet:
1988 Chrysler Conquest Tsi aka "THE BEAST" ( garage Queen) resto-mod ( i did check my head, and medicine can't help me here) just love ( to dump money) on this car...... a spare low milage 1989 Conquest... just when i really want to drive the "beast"
1982 Chevy, 454, k30 dualy flat bed 4 speed 29k miles ( just a big toy)
1993 YJ with the stroked motor, d44 front Currier 9" high pinion in the rear, alcan 14" over stock springs ( another toy)
2002 Nissan Maxima SE all the options, included but replaced darn Bose crap radio 2x... finally gave up on OEM and got AVIC
2006 Hyundai Elantra GT ( yeah I know, but that's not my first one)
2006 Pontiac GTO M6 plated "BADGOAT" for others to find out why...
2008 Honda VFR just to prove that a fat guy can handle a sport tourrer
so mycredential listed...
for the most part i got all the newer toys brand new. with jeep it is a no brainer for me to go for max care perhaphs with 0 deductable...

I am on CO so I do take my jeep off roading or I am know to do other stupied stuff at Bandimere Speed Way or back county roads. but WK2 would rather trailer the YJ since i like to be "stupied" and beat/brake stuff and YJ is a perfect candidate for that...
No time frame other than this model year, got perhaphs 4 dealers talking to me, but i am not really eager just yet to part with $47k
Other wise thanks for the informational site and seems like a great atmosphere

moosehead 03-20-2011 01:16 PM

Re: introduction
welcome ilber. imma gonna let you off the hook for the hyundai lapse given your flatbed toy and goat.

if you haven't yet, check out in stock wk2 inventory at CO Chrysler Jeep Aurora, including some Olands and Summits. Bonus: Jeff Walker in service is top notch and has no problem with owner mods.

ilber 03-20-2011 01:50 PM

Re: introduction
thanks, moosehead
Hyundai... well I bought one new back in college when my car got hit/totaled and I was on CO-OP so needed a car. at that time rent vs buying a hundai and scrapping it seemed a good choice.... frankly for last 10+ years i had a Hyundai in my family. From ALL the makes that i had/ever delt i can honestly say that i was treated the best ( and perhaphs the fairest) at the hyundai. Surely I got a thick skin about korean car back from college years, but after '06 dies I will get another... delt in 4 different states with hyundai dealers and NEVER had serious issues with any of them pre or post sale. heck my 02 went 160k miles, was abused the way the redneck would not abuse his JD. when I BROKE it ( ~40k miles) and brought to dealer and honestly said that i am an idiot and please fix it, i was told it is under warrantee ( hell me being an idiot?) but they would not charge me ( I managed crack the weld on unibody...after I took the car too amature rally. So don't let me off easy, but i will defend Hyundai and give you examples. Unfortunatly i can give you bad examples of GM, Nissan, BMW, Subaru but i try to look past the induvidaul service writer actions.
As far as CO Chrysler on Havana... just yesterday i test drove the overlander there. I was a tad aprehensive since the first thing after greeting me the sales guy blurred out that he is the biggest jeep dealer in the state and there is a 5k dealer markup on summit. I am not looking for summit, but i am not very friendly about "market adjustments" by dealers. To me dealer just stealing from manufacture. Sure Summit is a great trim, but particapate in this "market adjustment" well, to me it is at least sond unethical. So with that said $500 doc fee on TL affiliate pricing. maybe they are a great dealership ( heck i spent some $ in their parts department before) but for my money and 5.4 miles farther I think I am going to Perkins...will see. I came ready to talk $, but a few statements, misinformation by sales rep turned me away. On a flip side a finacical guy was straight shooter when i talked about max care and pricing with him.
Mods? Nothing planned. Window tint and brake controller. In previous life i was very close with automotive aftermarket and painfully familiar with recalling Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and dealer/manufactures' ways.

I am going to NY in a month for a few weeks, so I just might consider driving jeep back. Vacation, buy jeep, get home :). BMW with european delivery vs a Jeep with NYC delivery.... i might be on to something here. :)

MikeD 03-20-2011 08:21 PM

Re: introduction
Love those Conquest's, I have an '87 Starion ESI-R from high school I need to get running again.

ilber 03-20-2011 09:08 PM

Re: introduction
there are a few of us "head cases" that still love those cars . heck I had luxury to first hand see the "Cananbal run" quest ( here in CO) and Mitsu racing team ones ( in oregon, along with the prototype DOHC head that was tested on G54BT and later was implemented on DSMs). I will DRIVE my beast to Star-Quest Nationals in ~ 3years... i think. after that i will refresh her and store it for next 10 years...
the rebuilt at this point would not be too difficult, since aftermarket is wide available, would it be fueling or JE pistons or Mannel (sp?) heads. heck dyno tune now.... every one and their grand ma now can do it... It was a lot more interesting/challenging converting TB-injection to port injection with stand alone hall-effect powered ( haltech, aka electromotive system) in early 90's...and defiantly way cheaper now... I think I would be conservative if i say that my quest has a cost of wk2 summit in mods, and that's in 90's money....
long live StarQuests :)

MikeD 03-21-2011 11:10 AM

Re: introduction
What part of Colorado are you, do you track your car?

MasterWK 03-21-2011 11:25 AM

Re: introduction

Whatever you do don't purchase from GO Chrysler Jeep. In my opinion they are nothing more than jackasses who are going to steal your money. I gringe at whenever i have to go back into GO. I have heard great things about the other Jeep dealers. You'll love having a jeep in CO. Welcome to jeep garage!

ilber 03-21-2011 12:36 PM

Re: introduction
Thanks for heads up. MasterWK.
My Nissan experience was back when Go was Elway, but hell the same A-hole at the service. I would not set my foot in that place. ( that one was ugly to say at least, yeah I was lawyered up and made a big stink with Nissan Motors and Elway nissan back in 2003). but that's water under the bridge, heck if jeep doesn't go the way i want it my second choice is G37x S sedan.... kind of different cars, but I like it .
I am just outside Parker, work at DTC.
my conquest made i think 4-6 passes in a 1/4 mile before i had line lock. I got kicked out from Englishtown track in NJ and was told not to show up w/o roll cage and fuel cell... you know how fast i went on test-n-tune.
I have not taken to 1/4 in Colorado, but in a few years i might take quest to the road course by Strasburg. I am known to hang around at Band. track with RMGTO (rocky mounting GTO club) and quiet frequent at the "take it to the track" Wednesdays...
I think my GTO averaged out about a dozen passes a night for a few nights a month.
This year I might take the bike in, but maybe not ( 'busa would be more appropriate bike versus my Viffer).

So far I am talking with perkins ( through SAM's buying), Pro Chrysler ( or something like that), CO Jeep ( through AAA and on my own) and autonation just to low ball them to hell and see if they take it.

... I like car buying, heck i am one of those people that ENJOYS negotiation process. I am known to argue for $35 on a flip side I am known to pay $300 over the agreed price because the sales guy was just terrific.

I want a new toy and jeep fits the bill... i think...

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