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southernfryedyankee 03-23-2011 04:35 PM

Hello everyone I am new here and just bought my first JGC. I do have some questions
Since there is no introduction section I will do it here along with my questions. Hello everyone :D I hope as I learn on this forum I can become as much of an asset to other members as some of the veterans on this site are already.

The jeep I bought has 157k miles on it and runs what appears to be good. I do not know much about cars and I am slowly learning. Since I have owned the jeep I have changed out the anti freeze, changed my serpentine belt as the old 1 was terribly cracked.I put a new thermostat in because the engine was overheating only to find out that the motor on the radiator cooling fan had failed and needed to replaced. After fixing the motor there have been no more overheat issues.

1 of the other issues that is somewhat concerning me is when I put the jeep into drive, park or reverse there is a grinding sound coming from the underside back of the jeep around the tire area . One of my mechanic friends slid underneath the truck and he said it was the big spring that is making that sound and I had nothing to worry about but I am still not 100% sure. When I put the jeep into park, reverse or drive I notice the back end by the tires jumps up a little bit when it grinds and is put into gear.

I have a new set of spark plugs that I plan to install but I would like to know is there any other opinions on preventative maintenance I should perform on my vehicle to keep her in top running condition for an older vehicle? I am planning on an oil change within the next week or 2. I would like to thank all who reply in advance.

TJXJWJ 03-23-2011 09:03 PM

Re: Hello everyone I am new here and just bought my first JGC. I do have some questio
Good start...with that kind of mileage, I would definitely do plugs, drain and refills on the trans, differentials, and transfer case too. Do a throttle body cleaning, and air filter change.

As for the grinding, you can eliminate the spring from the equation by having you mechanic buddy put it up on a lift. Then turn it on and put it in drive or reverse. No noise could mean your buddy is right. If there is no weight on the suspension, and you still hear the noise, you know it's something else.

Good luck and welcome!

dumermuthjared 03-23-2011 10:32 PM

Re: Hello everyone I am new here and just bought my first JGC. I do have some questio
Make sure plugs are copper!!!

everything you ever need to know about maintenance in at the website

Frango100 03-24-2011 02:57 PM

Re: Hello everyone I am new here and just bought my first JGC. I do have some questio
Welcome to the garage.
When you don't know about the maintenance history of your car, you can indeed better change all fluids, oils etc. to start from zero. Take care to use the right fluids for the T-case (the fluid depends on which T-case you have) and if you need limited slip additive in the diff (this is necessary when you have Quadra-Drive or a Vari-Loc in the rear diff).
Don't know which engine/tranny you have in your car. If you have a 4.7 HO engine, you need special platinum ignition plugs. Its good to change the PCV valve as well, because this one regulates the internal airflow through the engine and will get rid of bad gasses and moisture, which otherwise will get into the oil and is a cause of sludge formation.
Also the maintenance for the tranny depends on which type you have. For the
5-45RFE you only need to change both filters and the fluid, but if you have the 42RFE, you also need to adjust the internal bands.
When i put my car in drive/rev, it also makes some strange noises, as if some gears are getting into contact. It was always like this and it is normal. The back of the car will move a bit when putting into gear, because with your foot on the brake, its only the brakes which hold the car in its place when putting in gear and the (low in idle) available torque will try to do something and will lift or lower (depending on fwd or rev gear) the car a bit.

southernfryedyankee 03-25-2011 09:37 AM

Re: Hello everyone I am new here and just bought my first JGC. I do have some questio
Thank you for the replies.For some reason I did not receive email notification. My engine is an inline 6, so I BELIEVE it is a 4.0. I had bought the compatible plug for my vehicle which according to the computer are Autolite platinums, am I supposed to only use copper? I do not know what T-case is so I am kind of lost there. The transmission fluid was red, not cherry red but not burnt or burnt smelling by any means. What exacfly does the differential do and is there specific fluid for the differentials? Again I appreciate all the replies and if anyone wishes to add to them it would be greatly appreciated.

I also just upgraded my stock stereo with some Kenwood 5 ways and I have some 6 1/2 Kens that should be here today. OMG what a difference in sound from the stock paper drivers. 1 day when i can afford a new vehicle it will be a allll JL Audio system as JL is my fav.

2004wjmedic 03-25-2011 10:04 AM

Re: Hello everyone I am new here and just bought my first JGC. I do have some questio
First off welcome! And nice purchase of the WJ. My Dad has a WJ with the 4.0 and has over 250,000 miles on the original engine, tranny, and transfercase and still occasionally takes it down the trail. I have a WJ with the 4.7, both are amazing vehicles.

Here is some information about the spark plugs that may be able to answer your questions.

As far as the T-case, it is this piece of equipment that splits the power from the engine to both the front and rear wheels. Here is a link that should help you figure out which one you have and also which differential (differentials split the power from the drive shaft to the wheels) you have.

Nice sound system upgrade! The stock speakers were respectable for stock but don't compare to most aftermarket systems. I am also a huge JL Audio fan. I've put XR650's in all the doors, C5 tweeters in the dash, and a 10w7v2 in a ported box in the back with everything powered by a HD900/5 amp. When you do switch to JL you'll love the sound field it creates in the WJ.

Good luck and happy Jeeping

Frango100 03-25-2011 12:29 PM

Re: Hello everyone I am new here and just bought my first JGC. I do have some questio
T-case comes from Transfer case and its the gearbox after the transmission, which splits the power to the front and rear differentials. Depending on the type of T-case, it can have a neutral position, a full time 4x4 hi, 4x4 lo or 4x2.
The differentials allow for a speed difference between the inner wheel and outer wheel on one axle when making a turn (the inner wheel travels less distance then the outer wheel, so turns slower). The disadvantage of a differential is that for example one wheel can stand still, while the other on the same axle can spin with twice the normal speed. To solve this problem, some jeeps have a lock installed in the differential, the so called Vari-Loc, which will in fact make it a fixed axle (it engages automatically when one wheel has a different speed then the other on the same axle) and let both wheels turn with the same speed. This system is called Quadra-Drive and has Vari-Locs in the front and rear differentials.
The oil in the diffs is 80W-90 or 75W-140 (synthetic) and if the Vari-Loc is in the diff, also a limited slip additive is needed to allow a certain amount of slip in the Vari-Loc for making turns (and allowing for the speed difference between the inner and outer wheel).

bstatus73 12-20-2015 02:12 PM

Re: Hello everyone I am new here and just bought my first JGC. I do have some questio
Welcome,I am new as well but one thing I always do is add Z-max micro-lubricant to my oil at every other oil change or 6 months, add some to my tranny fluid and twice a year to my fuel to help reduce buildup from gasoline with ethanol.I also like to install a good set of spark plugs and install a cold air intake.I am looking to modify my 04 WJ Limited soon too.3 inch lift, upgraded sway bars, etc etc.I hope to get suggestions from fellow Jeep owners too.Good Luck

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