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Bmwister 03-25-2011 03:38 PM

WK2 Laredo Rental Report
I was out of town on business this past week and when Enterprise asked me "Would you be OK with a 2011 Grand Cherokee instead of the Tahoe?" of course I took it not knowing that Enterprise now had WK2s in the fleet. It was more out of curiosity to see how the base Laredo 4x4 with V6 is holding up to renter abuse, and there's only good news to report. The vehicle I got had ~8000+ miles on the odometer.

- no rattles (except for a snow scraper they stowed in the door slot)
- cloth interior had no signs of any wear
- cloth seating equal in positional comfort to leather seats in my WK2
- trim, dash, controls all felt firm and had no signs of wear
- still very quiet and solid-feeling after 8000 "rental miles"
- SAT radio active (got my talk news fix covered)
- No Push Start button, but passive entry and finger-push start worked perfectly

- It isn't a Hemi, but not bad at all
- quiet, quiet, quiet...and after all those miles
- Mixed fuel economy per EVIC was 22.4mpg (enthusiastic throttle too)
- shifts were quick and precise, downshifted quickly

- The 17" wheels with Forteras were quiet and stuck well in rain
- Very stable even in wind
- No strange noises; quiet over harsh bumps
- No noticeable chassis flex or creaks
- All door/hatch hardware intact and felt like new

- No Hemi, but it moved out well with an extended, liberal throttle
- Very good handling not even considering its weight
- Comfort level: high

Knowing how hard the life of a rental is, the fact that the WK2 in a rental fleet role is holding up so well is encouraging for those of use who would like ours to last intact for many years. My wife was impressed that even a base model looked "sharp". Hopefully this helps people whom are comparing the Grand Cherokee to the competition. IMHO it's an outstanding vehicle for the money and I'm glad it's made here. Jeep workers should be proud.


B.P.O.D 03-25-2011 03:41 PM

Re: WK2 Laredo Rental Report
nice! i rented from enterprise too when they first came out, mine had 200 miles on it and i drove it spiritedly for a week:) only thing majorly different that i noticed from a 3.7 wk was the suspension. very soft compared to the wk 3.7. also very quiet. it is def luxury now!

i also loved the passive entry and finger-push start

der Fahrer 03-25-2011 10:54 PM

Re: WK2 Laredo Rental Report
I've driven two rental WK2's now, the latter having 11,000+ miles on it. Aside from a key fob that may have been low on battery (hit/miss keyless unlock and start) and a minor rattle from the B-pillar from the higher mileage car, both were dead quiet on the highway with an incredibly smooth ride.

In fact, the first rental returned an EVIC reading of 20+ mpg with a heavy foot in the mountains. The second returned 26 mpg on the same drive with a few hypermiling techniques. Very impressed. Wondering if I should hold out for a 2012 or just order a 2011 now.

Bign1976 03-26-2011 09:37 AM

Re: WK2 Laredo Rental Report
I flew into Tampa at the beginning of the month and got a brand new Durango with 15 miles on it from National car rental. I was pretty shocked.

netcoolery 03-26-2011 11:09 AM

Re: WK2 Laredo Rental Report

Originally Posted by Bign1976 (Post 383380)
I flew into Tampa at the beginning of the month and got a brand new Durango with 15 miles on it from National car rental. I was pretty shocked.

So what was your impression? Did you have a basis for comparison (e.g. with a WK2) on things like road feel, etc. Just curious.

Bign1976 03-29-2011 01:15 PM

Re: WK2 Laredo Rental Report
The Durango I got was the crew. My GC is the Larado. Pretty similar options. Durango had the rear heat/ac, which was nice. Also had the power lift gate. I did sit in the 3rd row of the Durango, i am a big guy. I had plenty of room back there. Personally I like both of them. My wife drives our GC more often than me. I drive a 10 town and country most of the time. I think the durango would be a nice replacement for the town and country.

scittb 03-29-2011 11:37 PM

Re: WK2 Laredo Rental Report
big thing I noticed with the trucks when renting one is the turning radius is awesome!

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