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NHWK05 03-27-2011 09:09 PM

Best H2O Pump, T stat etc 4.7 V8
I have a feeling that this summer i will need to do a water pump on my WK. Its starting to squeak like ever other water pump i have had to replace so i want to be prepared.

I really dont want to buy an auto parts store water pump. Id like to buy something good quality but it does not need to be for race or high performance. What do you guys recommend?

I had a Flow Cooler water pump on my 98 4.0 XJ and a triple core high performance radiator and i did not notice any difference in it running any cooler in the summer.

I am going to go with a Gatorback Belt and OE coolant, and while i am at it i may as well do the T stat.

Is it worth it for a stock 4.7 to go with a Jet T stat or a 180* in the cold winter but hot summer of NH? We get well below 0 in the winter but well above 90 in the summer.

I think the radiator is fine so i am not going to do that any time soon but i will flush it.

Chaoul1 03-27-2011 09:18 PM

Re: Best H2O Pump, T stat etc 4.7 V8

I did my waterpump last year on my 5.7L. I was very happy with their pricing! If you have a NAPA, you can buy the Factory Coolant from there!

AcidCold 03-27-2011 11:29 PM

Re: Best H2O Pump, T stat etc 4.7 V8
My Jeep warms up pretty quick here in the midwest with the 180 t-stat. Have had it on for 2yrs and it has kept my engine at about 3/8 on the gauge.

FlyinRyan 03-28-2011 07:24 AM

Re: Best H2O Pump, T stat etc 4.7 V8
The jet stat works well.

NHWK05 03-28-2011 05:13 PM

Re: Best H2O Pump, T stat etc 4.7 V8
I think i will save up for a Jet t stat and a Mopar pump. I could not find a Flow Kooler pump for the 4.7 any where.

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