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Impreza515 03-27-2011 11:19 PM

305/70/17 on my WK?
I have two questions.
1. I'm looking to install a 4" superlift on my 07. I have read of people running 305/70/17s with this lift, which are the tires I have. The wheels these are mounted on, I measured to have about 4.5" of backspacing. The backspacing to the rear of the tire itself is 6". Wheel is a 17x8.5" rim. Assuming I put these on with the superlift, and do the pinch weld fix, will there be any rubbing?
2. These wheels / tires are from an 08 jk rubicon. Will the TPMS sensors already installed in them work? From my searches, it looks like they wont. but, it would be awesome if I didn't have to switch the ones from my stock wheels out.

thanks for any help.

AcidCold 03-27-2011 11:25 PM

Re: 305/70/17 on my WK?
Wheels will fit but not sure how the back will flex with that size tire. I know Russ had some sort of problem but could of been wheel spacing related. You should consider a Rusty's spacer up front to give you a bit more room up front.

Scottina06 03-27-2011 11:32 PM

Re: 305/70/17 on my WK?
youll hav to get the correct TPM sensors

Impreza515 03-27-2011 11:54 PM

Re: 305/70/17 on my WK?
Thanks for the responses. I like the idea of the rustys spacers. As for the rear flex, would that be from alignment front / rear, or an issue with the fender not leaving space on the outside of the tire? Would rolling the fender help?

jayloop 03-28-2011 07:48 AM

Re: 305/70/17 on my WK?
I believe rolling the fender might be in order for the rear. There was a thread on one of the these forums about it but I'm not sure what backspacing the guy that did it was running. Sounds like you might need to test fit to see where it hits.

Muddy4DSM 06-11-2012 05:14 PM

Re: 305/70/17 on my WK?
Would 305/70's fit with a budget boost lift (Daystar)?

Valpacer 06-12-2012 06:56 AM

Re: 305/70/17 on my WK?

Originally Posted by Muddy4DSM (Post 641939)
Would 305/70's fit with a budget boost lift (Daystar)?

I dont think you could do it. Most running that size are on a boosted SL, which would be around 3.5" more lift that a BB kit. Largest would be a 33" or 285/70 with trimming and long bumpstops.


wkjeep 06-14-2012 07:44 AM

Re: 305/70/17 on my WK?
I am running a 4" superlift suspention with ome heavyduty front springs and shocks, rear superlift 4" springs 1" spacer, superlift shocks. wheel are MT sidebiter 17x9 4.5" back spacing, 305 70 17 MT atz, Added 1" to the rear superlift bumpstop extention to stop the tire hitting the fender lip

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