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Ken Jacobs 03-30-2011 12:40 PM

Sand mode observation
I am going to OBX one day next week, so I was playing with sand mode, vehicle height, and 4 WD low. I could do this today because it was raining and the roads were wet. I wanted to see how high I could raise the Jeep, so I will not damage the front air dam. In sand mode the car moves up one level from normal. One can also raise it an additional level to the max height. I could also engage 4WD low in sand mode, but the height was lowered to one level above normal.

mhansen2 03-30-2011 09:31 PM

Re: Sand mode observation
Are you going through deep sand? Will you air down the tires?

OBXJeep 03-30-2011 09:47 PM

Re: Sand mode observation
This time of year the ruts in the sand shouldn't be too deep so you should be ok. You plan on driving down south like Oregon Inlet or Hatteras or up north in Corova? Corova, definately without a doubt you'll be fine. The Inlet or south you should be fine too. Not too many tourons in giant trucks rootin up all the sand and making huge ruts with their 37, 38, 39 inch mud boggers. Hope you have fun, shit if you're down thursday or friday I'm off and I'd be down to go. Maybe snap a couple pics.

Ken Jacobs 03-31-2011 06:34 AM

Re: Sand mode observation
I will probably try 25 psi on the tires. I'm looking at going north of Corolla.

Ken Jacobs 03-31-2011 06:49 AM

Re: Sand mode observation

I agree with you that the sand north of Corolla is not a real danger to the air dam. However down at Hatteras, I would drag bottom at times on my 2003 Overland with skid plates. I see no choice but to take the air dam off this summer when we go to Avon for a week.


OBXJeep 03-31-2011 12:31 PM

Re: Sand mode observation
Yea Corova (the area north of Corolla) is usually pretty easy. Just becareful on the back "roads" up there. That's where I flooded the engine awhile back. It was about 2-2.5 years ago I was just f'n around up there and I tried going around some puddles, went through ones that looked safe. Saw one, no way around it, looked like tracks through it, found a long stick to poke around with and it was ok. Drove through and about 6 feet in WHAM! headlights dove under and I just went through but it dipped right back up and I came out. Should've stopped and stayed but my passengers had to go and didn't have the time to wait for the engine to hopefully dry out. Drove it the 45 min trip to kitty hawk and got it to a friends shop. Probably the stress that really did her in. Wound up biting the dust and I got an engine (10k miles younger) from a rearend collision total. So if you go venturing beware! But like I said before if I'm off I'm definitely down to run around and snap a couple shots. Been wanting to get some new wild horse photos for a while anyways.

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