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ilber 04-02-2011 09:24 PM

well i pulled the trigger...
Well for my short stay with you guy for the last 2 weeks or so I learned and confirmed some questions... THANK YOU!
well get to the juicy part... I was driving to pick up my YJ from machine shop early this morning ( about 100 miles each way) so I checked jeep dealers along my route... be HOLD
well after i picked up my battle scared yj, along driving with beatup hundai in less than presentable clothes i rolled into the dealer.
saw blaberry in the lot, start looking at vin, not the one... :( sales guy ran out and offered his services and I told him that i'm looking for 8501 VIN vehicle, and elaborated that's a blackberry peral with 18" overlander.... he said oh we have one like that in the show room... well ok...
went inside bingo! Overlander, hemi, 4x4, no adaptive, 18" with skid plates and of course RHR radio :)... i was pleased... the sucker had 12 miles on the clock.
I told the guy 42k OTD and I will drive it out... nope.... wheeling dealing- still sucked... so last resort TL 1% UNDER invoice.... ok the will do it... i am not TL member yet...
took his card and went on my marry way...
got home...
family discussion... basically it is in stock it is a fair deal and for my family, refugees from former USSR, painfully familiar with chernobyl....well let's just put this way it more mental than anything else, but knowing that i might order a car and have 1 milirem more than otherwise will be a tourture for my family... So decidion was made- get this jeep.
Called dealer to put money down so the get it out of the show room...
family members wanted to see the jeep in person-ok I will drive 75 miles each way and give deposite check in person.
90 minutes later i sit and dealer tells me he will let me take the jeep home right now, on one condition, i shall give him control number or i will be responsiable for $700. I got invoice from TL that i paid 3 year membership and i should get all the info within a week. on a flip side i tell the dealer-i can wait till monday to see if incentive would be available. he agreed to redo the contract should loyalty or other incentive become available.
so jeep had clear bra and front windows tinted, dealer wanted $500 and i told him that he is is higher than kite.... he right away decided to back down 20%. 45,650+ 400 dealer fee+ 500 for dealer add on+ taxes and plates - haggling=45,000 OTD. I thought it was fair. and frankly it would be this or NONE.
full tank of gas and whipe down, $3,439 for maxcare lifetime 0 deductable, and 10% over cost on any accessories for 30 days. 2.5 hours later, I am enjoying my hemi. got home had to reshuffle cars n the garages...
here is the pics with my phone... good enough- i am just super stoked... :)


ilber 04-02-2011 09:33 PM

Re: well i pulled the trigger...
10 Attachment(s)
pics as promissed

Flynn77 04-02-2011 09:40 PM

Re: well i pulled the trigger...
Congrats. Looks very nice!!

ilber 04-02-2011 10:00 PM

Re: well i pulled the trigger...
thank you

window sticker:

dealer's page for this vehicle:

RageOfFury 04-02-2011 10:04 PM

Re: well i pulled the trigger...
Congrats little buddy!:thumbsup:

jgc4ever 04-02-2011 10:17 PM

Re: well i pulled the trigger...
You did great with colors, options, and price...congrats!

ilber 04-02-2011 10:30 PM

Re: well i pulled the trigger...
thank you.

and frankly i felt that I had more "to squeeze" but i wanted the sales guy be happy. (retired military, dirt bike racing harley riding kewl dude). I was much better dressed on my initial trip to another dealer, but dealer left bad aftertaste with its condecending tone... I familiar with not dressing appropriatly, i was basically escorted before out of BMW dealership, simply because they would not looked past the shorts with holes ( and lost 45k sale).... Dick ( sales guy) was on level, i was/am happy with the deal. this is not an issues if I can afforded, and frankly having a piece of mind and get the car for slightly higher price right now is worth it to me :P.
darn i was planning to break in the engine in YJ, now i will be driving the GC, at least weather will be crappy enough so the "bike fever" will not be kicking in... but GTO was parked for last 10 days... perhaphs I should hook up the trickle charger, since the way it looks I will drive Goat in a month :)

Hogs 04-03-2011 02:35 AM

Re: well i pulled the trigger...
Congrats, looks great liber!

Curious though, why'd you get the $0 deductible Max Care? It's $1400 less to get the $100 deductible.
Once you pay the deductible for a specified problem/issue, then you don't have to pay it again. If you choose the $100 deductible plan I don't see you having to pay it 7 times, much less 14. There's also opportunity costs on the $1400 for at least 4-5 years you lose by choosing the $0 deductible plan
So how do you ever break-even on the initial cost difference?

K9jackie 04-03-2011 02:55 AM

Re: well i pulled the trigger...
Very nice! Congrats!

ilber 04-03-2011 07:10 AM

Re: well i pulled the trigger...

Originally Posted by Hogs (Post 388335)
Congrats, looks great liber!

Curious though, why'd you get the $0 deductible Max Care? It's $1400 less to get the $100 deductible.
Once you pay the deductible for a specified problem/issue, then you don't have to pay it again. If you choose the $100 deductible plan I don't see you having to pay it 7 times, much less 14. There's also opportunity costs on the $1400 for at least 4-5 years you lose by choosing the $0 deductible plan
So how do you ever break-even on the initial cost difference?

thank you for reply,
well i think it boils down to induvidual comfort level.
For me the idea of bringing a jeep "WHEN" something goes wrong and just tell a dealer "FIX IT" is worth more than $1400. Unfortunatly most of us have been in the situation when dealer tells you " can't replicate the problem". I have extended bumper to bumper and i enjoy brining the car and tell them "just fix it". other wise it is every time $85 diagnostic fee. SURE i am ready to pay for dealer's services- i brought the car, you charge me diagnostic fee and tell me "can't replicate". I am accustome to know what i am paying for. WHAT TEST DID YOU RUN. well needless to say the dealers not very happy when you call the mechanic to the front and start questioning.
so that's my decision making process. I know doesn't make much financial sence, but since when buying any extended warr. was? I bought it for piece of mind. didn't looked at the anticapated trips to a dealer, and honestly i will be super happy if i would never have to go to a dealer for a repair. Unfortunatly with all electroics that as much of the false statment as say I am a ballet dancer ( i am 6'2" 300# ) :)- could happen but highly, border line sci-fi probable ( reinforced stage, and the extensions would have to be done not by supporting induvidual but a crane operator) :)

the1jake 04-03-2011 08:38 AM

Re: well i pulled the trigger...
Congrats on the new purchase! It looks great and you're going to really enjoy this vehicle.

I have a quick question, if you don't mind. You mention ordering a car with more than 1 millirem. What other vehicles were you considering and how did this factor in to your decision to buying the Grand Cherokee? I'm genuinely curious. (and glad to see you and your family are OK after the Chernobyl disaster)

Also, as far as being dressed the right way. I usually take the other tact. I dress very casually when I'm shopping for a new vehicle. I'm well aware that the salesperson looks at the vehicle you've driven in. If someone doesn't want to deal with me, as you stated, it's time to walk out and they lose the sale. Then again, I'm well aware of my credit history, scores and how much equity I have in the vehicle I'm trading in. It's definitely a study in how people treat you at first glance. If they don't treat me well, I'll still give them my business card as I leave and be courteous with them. IMHO, I can't take things personally and these are people who want to separate me from my hard earned money. I'm not about to beg somebody to spend my money. Funny, when I walked into the last dealer to buy my current vehicle, I simply told them that "it's your sale to lose". (they didn't)

ilber 04-03-2011 10:30 AM

Re: well i pulled the trigger...
i was saying having a remote possibility even one more millirem would turn any car purchase sour for my family. so the car that might have paint pigment that's still "normal" but in higher range of normal, or just like russian gov't did- change the definition of NORMAL... yeah yesterday this would be too much, but the same amout of the RAD is ok today ( bastards!)
my cross shopping was quite funny to say at least..charge max awd rt essentially, G37awd S, IS 350awd or GS350 awd. this is a car primerely for daily duty of a "school bus" so my mom drives the kid to the charter school. Her primary car ( my Maxima) is showing its age, so i convinced my mom to drive this tank:). she drives only about 60 miles a day. jeep towes what i need. So by getting her the GC i don't need to replace my DD GTO with a big truck ( 3/4 diesel)... i drive way too much to use it as DD. So now i got towing vehicle ( occasionally tow my YJ or motorcycle trailer or once in a gray while bring a lawn mower or a furniture appliance from the store). So now i can beat the hell out of GTO and when times come I can get myself a sedan from AMG or M series :)
i know my logic makes no scence to anyone, but me :)
I just programmed my estate gate and 2 garages... darn my wish list to have more homelink buttons..ooh well

as far as judging book by its cover vs first impression. I am not saying show up as hobo-hippie dirty dressed on the flip side yes I was dismissed by sales people from BMW dealeership because I was under 21, flipflops ans shorts didn't play well for me. But dealership shooo me away even w/o trying to figure out why i was there.... i was buying cars for my family/family members since i was 16 :)... On a flip side I am always stay civil. heck i know i can upset a salesman with lowballing tactics more than physical harm. I don't know everything, and i would gladly admitt and try to learn. However when a dealer comes down as the King Pin, know-it-all... well I feel obligated to point shortcomings of that approach :).
I spend my money- i don't need anyone blowing smoke up my rear nor I want to be treated like crap. Dick ( my sales guy) struck the golden medium the result-well i bought the car

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