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paroxysym 04-07-2011 06:41 AM

always check for water leaks!
so i just got my jeep back after it being looked over by my friend thats a tech for jeep. i was having an issue with my ignition- i would turn the key to the off position and it would stay running. i originally thought it was the ignition switch but after leaving it with him for 3 weeks (i had more work done than just this) he finally figured out the problem..

i bought the jeep maybe 2 months ago from an out of state dealer. ran great during test drive and i knew about the possible water leak issue that is present in these things. it had just snowed so i figured any melting snow would cause the jeep to leak so i checked the carpets both front and rear for moisture- nothing. so about a week after owning it i discovered the ignition issue i mentioned before. about 2 weeks after that we had a heavy rain and when i made a right turn i had a nice stream of water trickled onto my left foot.

so after dropping the jeep off to him and him trying to find the problem- turns out that fuse panel inside the dash had been taking on water for awhile cause it was full of corrosion. also that water ran down the dash trim into the carpet causing alittle corrosion in the harnesses located below the hood release. he replaced the fuse panel in the dash as well as cleaned up the wiring (supposed there was just a mess of wire and sealant back there trying to mask the problem. he also cleaned out the harneses and in the process broke one of the mating plugs off- it just came right out of the harness when pulling them apart to check for corrosion. he sealed them up after cleaning them and said they were fine.

he warned me that if i had any other electrical issues it would be those 2 harnesses and that prob in about 5 years ill be replacing those harnesses. i do plan on keeping this cause its really a nice ride. it just pisses me off that its something just cant check during a test drive. i post this as a warning to be thorough when checking out a vehicle.. other than that PITA mess, she is actually a solid ride- nothing else was wrong with her aside from some TSB and recalls.

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