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Dieselbud 04-10-2011 11:18 AM

A family of 5: 4K miles in 16 days breaking in our 2011 Rubi.
Hi all! I have a funny story to tell about the recent purchase of our 2011 Rubicon Unlimited.

2 years ago we took a 2009 Rubi Unlimited for a test drive. We (the parents) of course fell in lust with it, but having 3 kids under 10 could pose issues, especially considering the 2 older ones were still in booster seats and the youngest was in a rather large car seat. We were currently driving a 2001 Oldsmobile Silouhette, which seated 7 and had plenty of leg room and even room for our 125lb dog in the back.

After school got out, we picked up the kids and took them to the dealership and loaded all the seats and boosters into the back and away we went. The dealer let us take the Rubi home for the weekend to be able to give it an honest test drive (small town dealers, we love them). We put over 250kms on it that weekend (155 miles). The kids loved every second of it. We left the decision up to them and it was unanimous. On Monday I was handed the keys and away we went.

FF 2 years later: 40,000K (25K miles) and we were planning a 2 week vacation to Vegas and Disney in the Jeep. I had misplaced one of the remote keys and thought it would be smart to get a new one before we left. I placed the order and was told it would be in on Wed, 2 days before we were due to leave. I was busy packing that day, so I sent my hubby to the dealership to pick it up and get it programmed. 20 minutes later the phone rang.

He was calling to tell me about this 2011 Rubi in the showroom. He was going on and on and on about the interior and how nice it was. I told him "I don't want to hear about it unless we are going to buy it".

Long story short, the next day we traded in our 2009 for the 2011. They are both black, so when the kids came home from school they had NO idea it was a brand new Jeep sitting in the garage. It was not until 7am the next morning when we left for our epic road trip and they jumped inside, that they realized what we had done. It was the greatest thing to see the looks on their faces.

The tan leather, heated seats (great for us), the nickel accents, the built in 430N media/navigation system. Oooooooooh drool.

We pulled out of the garage and in 16 days we went from 23km on the odometer to 6400km (4k Miles). We actually made it to Vegas in 36 hours, it is a 24 hour drive without stopping. We never heard ONE complaint from the girls, who are now 12, 9 and 3.5 (the 3.5YO is still in her huge car seat in the middle).

It is like they listened to every single little complaint I had about the 2009. They were all minor, and we would have lived with them forever, but even the smallest details were taken into consideration:

Higher/padded console is MUCH more comfortable for the front passengers.
Longer, padded armrests on the doors are MUCH more comfortable.
More charging options for all the nintendos/ipod/phones we travel with.
Better door handles for opening: there was never a passenger in the '09 that would NOT ask how to to open the doors from the inside.
Adjustable (sliding) sun visors that are really nice for those times when the little sun visors do nothing because the sun is in the wrong place.
The buckets are WAY more comfortable and it is also a smoother ride.
A lot less noise, perhaps the interior masks some of it, the '09 was really loud on the highway esp. when it was windy.
Drivers seat up/down adjustment, great for me with my stubby legs.
Place on the dash for my cell phone/sunglasses.. it was something I REALLY wished I had in the '09. I had no place to put my phone while driving.
Bluetooth/Handsfree calling and display.. I love to listen to loud music and had no way of knowing when someone was calling.
USB port in the console and standard 120v plug charger and yet 2 more DC outlets: one in the back cargo area and one in the console.
The locking hinge on the tailgate so it does not swing closed while you are trying to load/unload (this was a MAJOR annoyance for us with old/crippled 125lb dog we have to lift in and out)

This is what I have so far, I am sure now that we are home and I get to actually drive it (as MY primary vehicle) I will find more and more to love about it.

I do wish there was NAV while driving though, I wish I had brought my hand held GPS along because once you hit those freeways in the US, there is no way to find a starbucks and you just can't pull over anywhere.

I do have issues with streaming music on Bluetooth right now, I am hoping there is going to be an update released soon. Unless you like the Chipmunks LOL all the music is in double time. My Android (Samsung Galaxy Captivate) phone features work GREAT though.

I am also having problems playing music using an iPod in the USB port as well, but I have only tried a couple of things and might eventually figure it out. So for now I am using an audio jack as I have not loaded any files on to the HDD yet.

I really hope to learn a lot here, and I do hope this post has helped with some Guy who is trying to convince his wife to consider one for the family. We get asked a LOT of questions when we are travelling and they see our plates and then see 3 kids jump out of the back seat. Of course GAS MILEAGE is a huge one, but I just laugh and ask what they would expect?

PS: we pay a lot more for gas up here than anywhere we went in the US :)

jeepinAl 04-11-2011 07:06 PM

Re: A family of 5: 4K miles in 16 days breaking in our 2011 Rubi.
Great review. I was a fan of the new Grand Cherokee (WK2), but I am slowly leaning towards a 2012 Wrangler.

As for your NAV while driving problem, go over to the WK2 section and search for "lock pick" or "lock pik" or something along those lines, those folks have been able to bypass that "problem" some how.

BOYCHIKS 04-12-2011 11:10 AM

Re: A family of 5: 4K miles in 16 days breaking in our 2011 Rubi.
That may be the best review I've seen about the wrangler!

Glad y'all made the switch and congrats again! Let the miles continue :D

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