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jspespntp 04-10-2011 02:32 PM

Lockpick install on 730rhr and headrest video solution
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The Lockpick v3 install on my 2011 JGC w/ 730RHR went well. It does work (with a caveat - explain later). Although, there is still some discrepancy at CoastaleTech between the guy you get when you call there main number (who said it's not compatible) to the tech support line (who said it was and they've tested it).

My install included 2-9" Philips dual DVD players installed on the headrests. Materials are:

(1) Lockpick mygig v3 ($180 ebay)
(1) Philips 9" dual DVD portable players model 9016 ($200 Walmart)
(2) 6' RCA cable (to run from harness to underneath the seat)
(1) 1M-2F RCA splitter (to split from single RCA to 2 dvd players)
(1) 1F-2M RCA splitter (to split from the ipod video cable to both the 730 and the external monitors)
(1) RCA coupler
(2) 6' 3.5mm to RCA cable ($10 ebay) (specific Philips type-I'll explain)
(1) iPod composite video cable ($30 radio shack Ė to watch video from iPod on 730 and rear monitors)
(1) homemade video splitter (small radio shack hobby box, one dpdt switch, 2 rca female connectors, wire, solder)
Total investment: $440 +/-

I won't detail the Lockpick install. Radside already did a great job on his writeup: ( ( I placed the Lockpick box down the right-hand side of the console close to the glove compartment for ease of access (see pic). There's a good spot for it. And as a side note, I didn't run any audio to the Philips dvd players since I plannd to use the car's audio for sound.

Coming from the white harness I ran 2 rca cables, (1) from the video out and (1) from the splitter off the video out of the iPod cable (I split at the iPod video to go into the video in of the white harness and also to the external monitors). They ran down the left-hand side of the console and tucked it under the side plastic (see pics) and then down under the drivers seat. I made a homemade composite video switcher (or you can buy one at Target for $30). The blue video cable plugs into one side, the green into the other (both come from the video out of the white harness and the video out of the iPod video cable). The middle plug is the output (depending on which way the switch is thrown).

From there, I used an rca splitter to split off to the 2 Philips DVD players. I specifically purchased the Philips 9016 model because it has 2 independent dvd players (one built into each monitor). They have the unique ability to switch their a/v out to a/v in. The general principal of this is that you would run a dvd from one unit and switch the secondary unit to a/v in so you could piggy-back off the primary dvd running. In my case I placed both of them in a/v in mode since my signal was coming from the splitter underneath the seat (730rhr or ipod video depending on choice).

I mounted the monitors to the back of the headrest and used cable ties rather than the included nylon strap. The cable ties keep their hold better than the strap. The 9Ē players seem to fit well in the back of the seat (see pics).

The Philips kit comes with one proprietary a/v out/in cable. I needed 2 (one for each monitor) so I purchased 2-6í Philips compatible cable. The reason I mention Philips compatible is that they do not accept a standard 4-pole camcorder cable like you could find in the stores. On a standard camcorder cable the 1st pole (farthest from the tip) is audio right, 2nd pole is ground, 3rd pole is video and 4th pole is audio left. The Philips dvd players use a different configuration (similar to the Zen and Archos stuff Ė see this link: where the 1st pole is ground, 2nd pole is video, 3rd pole is audio right and 4th pole is audio left. Hope this makes sense.

I ran the power cable and the a/v cable down and around the back of the plastic seatback and then over to the driverís floor-board. From there I connected in the splitter coming out of the homemade video switcher.

It works fairly well with the exception of faint horizontal lines flowing down both screens. Itís barely noticeable on the Philips monitors but itís there. I spoke with CoastaleTech and theyíre convinced itís bleed-through from the rear-view camera since the camera is always on inside the headunit, even though it only shows in R or when you activate it with the Lockpick. I havenít tested this theory (by unplugging the stock white harness from the Lockpickís white harness Ė thus severing the connection of the rear-view monitor) but Coastal says they have. Not sure how I plan to fix this. Not even sure really if Coastal is right since GCís with the stock rear entertainment system have rear-view cameras and donít get wavy lines???

Anyway, if I missed something let me know. Hope this helps anyone out there looking for a Lockpick solution on the 730rhr and/or a video headrest solution.

kaflyboy 04-10-2011 02:50 PM

Do you have any pictures of it in operation? How about the DVDs in headrests?

jspespntp 04-16-2011 09:20 AM

Re: Lockpick install on 730rhr and headrest video solution
The picture of the dvd player on the headrest is Madagascar being played in the 730rhr and piped out to the player. Is that what you're asking?

kaflyboy 04-16-2011 11:42 AM

Was looking for picture of the actual 730 Ina action with DVD playing on screen while vehicle moving. Also, address entry on gps while moving.

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