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voyagerx 04-11-2011 03:15 PM

RHR and other comments - 1 week old
Hi all. I've been driving my GC with the 730N RHR for about a week now and thought I'd make some comments on the radio. I previously had a 2008 GC that had the RER. Honestly there isn't that much of a difference between the two. It is nice to have the USB port in the console as opposed to the iPod cable. With my old Jeep supplied iPod cable, I would get a "Communication Error" quite often as the cable didn't connect securely (that may have been fixed in recent years). I don't notice a speed difference in screen navigation/interface between the two or in route calculation for that matter. The RHR does have the Travel Link that my RER did not have which provides weather, local gas prices, etc. The RHR also does support Bluetooth audio streaming as others have mentioned as well as album art. Since the screen isn't any higher resolution, the album art is a little grainy, but not bad. The RHR also has almost a tabbed interface at the bottom when playing music that lets you pick between the tracks/stations, info, and searching. I'm surprised they didn't try to keep this tabbed interface look at the top of the screen where it lets you pick between DISC, HD, and Aux - it would look more unified if they did. The phone integration seems to be nicer. My phonebook seems to be updated quicker, I can voice dial all contacts from my phone. It shows signal and power of my phone. It shows whose calling. It also has a dial pad that I can use on the touchscreen that my RER did not have, as well as a nicer looking end button.

I have had some random bugs with the RHR that I'm hoping an update will fix. Every now and then the when switching between SAT and iPod, the tracks won't show on the screen, though the iPod is playing. Switching back and forth or choosing info then tracks again does make the list reappear. The RER had a "Back to previous" that I liked when browsing the iPod that the RHR does not seem to have. This allowed me to easily return to the same artist for example, to choose another album instead of having to search from the top again.

My biggest gripe so far with the RHR isn't that big of a deal, but I hope a future update will fix it. I have both an iPod plugged into the console and an iPhone (synced via bluetooth for phone). Both are available as devices under the AUX input. Everytime I start the car, the RHR remains on AUX, however no audio starts to play because I haven't selected a device. So... everytime I start the car, I have to push "Select Device", and then choose my iPod. I wish there was a way it could either remember the last chosen device. There doesn't appear to be a way to turn off A2DP support on either the RHR or the iPod, which would also work I would imagine.

The only other thing I've noticed with the truck is that the Park Assist system will beep for ~2 seconds about 25% of the time and then stop when I put it in reverse. Nothing is behind the car when it does this. If I do back close to something, the system does work. I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue? Maybe there is a loose connection at one of the sensors.

Other than that I love this thing. It did take a little work to get it. It had made it by truck to the shipping yard, but after a week I was called by the dealer and told that because of the Allied strike, they didn't have any contracts in place to deliver it the last 30 miles. My sales manager called the regional Chrysler delivery manager, and arranged so I could go up with the sales person and drive it back to the dealership. They had to fax a copy of my license ahead of time so we were allowed to take the vehicle when we arrived.

Jpjr 04-11-2011 04:23 PM

Re: RHR and other comments - 1 week old
The RHR is so far way better than my old unit in the 2008 JGC... probably the RER.

My RER would randomly shut down for no reason and the dealer could never replicate it. Very frustrating.

I actually do really like the Travel Link too. I don't have an IPhone and find it very convenient.

The console USB is nice, just like my Caddy.

scittb 04-11-2011 09:46 PM

Re: RHR and other comments - 1 week old
The only issue I have with the RHR is that I cant get it to play my playlists properly. If I got to purchased songs it plays the first song and then when i select next song on the steering wheel it goes to some other list or other song not on the list. Havent figured that one out yet. Has anyone got the text messaging to work with it? I have the iphone 4 and cant find the function and when I get an incoming text it doesnt display on the screen either.

HawkeyeJeep 04-11-2011 09:55 PM

Re: RHR and other comments - 1 week old
I have RHR also.

I heard iPhone 4 doesn't allow the text on screen - an iPhone software issue.

Regarding playlists, I have no issues playing playlists - but have not tried that specific folder - only a custom folder I made for workouts. Steering wheel controls cycled through everything properly.

barrette's jeep 04-11-2011 10:33 PM

Re: RHR and other comments - 1 week old
I got the Jeep on april the first, and there was scratch on the left front wing and missing bolt on a door molding and the rug on the spar cover is not fix.... But after waiting 18 weeks and two Jeep.... On the RHR there is on thing I realy like is the replay on the Sirius and the bluetooth ...WoW.... I had a 2008 JGC Overland 3.0 TurboDiesel and the RER.... They look the same after all....:)

voyagerx 04-11-2011 11:23 PM

Re: RHR and other comments - 1 week old
I forgot about the replay, thanks for mentioning that. Does anybody else have both an iPod connected via USB and a Bluetooth phone and find it annoying that they have to select the device every time they start the car or no music plays?

slampert 04-12-2011 01:47 AM

Re: RHR and other comments - 1 week old

Originally Posted by voyagerx (Post 394219)
I forgot about the replay, thanks for mentioning that. Does anybody else have both an iPod connected via USB and a Bluetooth phone and find it annoying that they have to select the device every time they start the car or no music plays?

Good writeup Voyagerx ! This occurs with a bluetooth connected iPhone and a 32GB flash drive I use for music storage. Although in a couple of cases, when I've returned to the car after a short time, music playback has resumed from the flash drive. The memory is short lived.....

One little anomoly I discovered this weekend with the USB flash drive, is I added about 10 new music folders containing subfolders and .mp3 files to the root of the USB drive where I already had about 25 folders. Now when I select the USB drive and scroll the list of folders, all of the new folders I added appear to be duplicated in the sense that they appear twice. I can choose either of the folders (which have identical names) and they have identical content !

I scanned and rescanned the USB drive in the RHR. Put the drive back on my PC to see if in fact there were duplicate folders, and there were not !

Might reformat the drive and copy stuff back.....

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