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Dieselbud 04-13-2011 07:57 AM

430 (N or not) Media system issues:
Please forgive me if there is already a catch-all thread posted here somewhere. There seems to be threads all over the forum that discuss all kind of issues, and I was hoping to start one in a general forum that was easy to find so all kinds of Jeep owners can comment, rather than trying to find one thread that contains a particular issue. (I would not get my feelings hurt if this was moved..)

I have heard rumors of an upgrade, but I am not holding my breath that it will come, or that it will fix all these issues at hand either.

My particular issues are as follows:

My Samsung Galaxy Captivate Phone works GREAT with all the hands free calling options, it paired perfectly on the first try. My Hubby's 3 year old 750V Motorola works with the phone features too. I am really liking that feature and it fixes a lot of issues with using my phone on the road. No complaints!!

Bluetooth music streaming issues: I have tried all the suggestions and just cannot get it to play music at a normal speed, so I gave up. This is with my Phone and all my iProducts.

iPod/iPad connected to the USB port in the console: I get an error message and it will not play music. I have 2 iPod touches and an iPad and none of them will work. They are all up to date according to Apple.

iPad/iPod Bluetooth streaming is the same as with my phone. They all play, but they all sound like the Chipmunks and are choppy and skip all over the place.

So far, my only choices for listening to music is to load it all on the HDD or to use an AUX audio cable to any of these devices, but then both of these options have their own issues.

HDD: I cannot seem to find a way to make the songs play RANDOM. They all play in order alphabetically by song or artist. I have 780 songs and want to hear them randomly, not in the same order all the time. If I am missing something obvious PLEASE TELL ME!

What are the types of words we should be saying into the VR to find a particular song or artist? I have tried all kinds of phrases but I never seem to be able to find what I want and it will just play some random song.

AUX cable: standard issues that cannot be fixed, but why I don't like is because I don't like cables and electronics all over the place. I like to be clutter free and only want to use a phone charger if it is needed.

No way to access the songs/play lists from the dash, you need to find the phone/media player and do it from there. It is fine if I have a passenger of course LOL.

The Sirius Satellite is not something that suits me, I find I am constantly trying to find something good to listen to and I spend way too much time playing with it than I should, so I don't even bother any more.

I wish I could get everything to work on it, but like I said.. I am not holding my breath right now. The Bluetooth option would be the very best because I can just leave one of the iPods in the console and never, ever have to worry about it. I would even consider buying a new media player of any type just to keep in there for music, if anyone has any suggestions for a brand, please let me know!!

Thanks in advance guys and gals. I love my music and paid a lot of money for this system and want to figure something out.

Dieselbud 04-13-2011 08:07 AM

Re: 430 (N or not) Media system issues:
Oh! Another thing, and this could be an issue with my phone itself (I am trying to find this out..)

Whenever I get in the Jeep, the media player kicks on on the phone even though I am not streaming music from it. This can be a problem for my battery, as this phone does not have a great battery in it anyway. I will shut it off on the phone (kill task) but in a few minutes it will just turn back on.

Is there anyway I can kill that option on the 430 without losing my BT phone capabilities? I cannot delete the media app from the phone without rooting it (it came with the phone...) and of course I do want to be able to play music, but until I get the BT streaming thing worked out I don't want to have this happening.

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