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Dougcjohn 04-13-2011 11:53 AM

Key FOB Oper Questions
I'm on 2nd day, so haven't learned (or read) much on the security, lock & fob system yet. Just ordered the physical "free" manual set today.

For clarification on the Security, fob & lock features; from various forum threads: a Manual Lock Override... that will lock doors even if FOB is inside Jeep. Is that "manual override" the interior door panel door lock button or the exterior door handle activation button?

Haven't played much yet either with features. Am I understanding that the Jeep will lock itself if you walk away with FOB in pocket? It didn't appear to lock when I tried it 1st day, so I've been pressing the door handle activation button.

Is the Perimeter Lock (auto lock) a config setting in the EVIC Setup or do I need to walk future away or allow more time? The GM's used to auto lock at about 14-18 feet... but they didn't have the ability to zone detect Left or Right side either... so different type of system.

A quick way to provide key fob to service but not provide the whole Key Ring; removing the physical key & ring would be a cool way to not pass your keyset. Will the FOB work & permit Starting with the physical key removed from FOB? Didn't know if it was required due to IC Chip?

GM Fobs have numbers (1&2) for auto memory setup & settings.
No numbers on Mopar Fobs, but I assume they can have different setups.

I realize I can go try these quickly but I'm in office, had a brain itch and thought I'd throw out a few questions. Normally the answers on the Forum also expand to into additional related material of interest too.

RageOfFury 04-15-2011 03:45 PM

Re: Key FOB Oper Questions
It does not auto lock. You need to either press the door handle button or the fob to lock.

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