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TheGeek 04-14-2011 10:39 AM

Broken cable on throttlebody
I'm going to have to replace my cable going to the throttlebody. The guy who I bought it from showed it to me and I talked him into knocking $200 off the price of the Jeep, but now I gotta fix it. The Jeep does actually drive without it (I test drove it and it ran fine), so I'm assuming it's a secondary kickdown one? (basically the Jeep was a steal for what I paid for it and I didn't spend too much time dwelling on it, because I figured it's probably a $20-$40 part/easy fix, the thing still drove fine, and the Jeep was a steal... and the Jeep was a steal, lol). It's a cable running across the top of the motor that ends in a black plastic 90 degree fitting and it's snapped at the elbow. Is this a fairly easy fix? It's aggrevating only because I've been searching a few places online and can't find one. Is this a fairly common problem with these models?
My last vehicle was 25 years old, so I realize I may sound kinda dumb describing it the way I am, so no harm no foul. :lol:

Frango100 04-14-2011 12:58 PM

Re: Broken cable on throttlebody
Donīt know which engine/tranny you have, but on the 4.7/5-45RFE there are in fact 2 cables going to the throttle body: one is the accelerator cable coming from the pedal and the other is the cruise control cable. On the 4.0/42RE there is a third cable, which is called the throttle valve cable, which goes to the tranny. Your accelerator cable should be fine, since you can still drive it. Does the Cruise control work?

TheGeek 04-14-2011 01:41 PM

Re: Broken cable on throttlebody
I never checked the cruise control. I'll try and take a pic when I get off of work and post it up. It's the 4.0 btw.

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