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soontobesrt 04-14-2011 11:57 AM

W5a580/545rfe - nv140/nv245
Hey guys, any mods feel free to move this to the appropriate section.

Anyway, did some research on here and the net, and didn't really see any information on here regarding the factory transmissions and the factory t-case in the Cherokees.

Most of the info is on wkjeeps but it doesn't really get in depth about any of the technical stuff and power ratings etc. I do not know if this is a legal issue or not but I was looking to see if any one with knowledge of these transmission/t-cases could post up more info on them?!

**Also to note I know its been talked about but my 05 3.7 has the tranny dipstick and did form the factory. Not sure if it was an early change or what but I definitely have one and it works correctly lol.

Things like:

Power handling capabilities?
Internal differences, for instance, I know the SRT8 also shares the W5A580, but is it identical to the one used in the other Cherokee's? Ive heard yes and no, what's the real deal internally? Clutch pack differences, different TCM tuning etc?

Also what is the exact difference between the cases and how easy is a swap? Just looking to gather more information for people out there who are looking into doing driveline changes/swaps etc. I know Ive thought about it and looked into it, just never really got too far into it.

Anyway, if any of the experts or people with access to this info could post up, that would be great.

Some useful links I've accumulated:

scribd is the best site man, have all the manuals and service stuff for literally everything

* copy/paste this into search part # - 2402700089 - enter Benz as Make - those are the blue tops for the NAG1 W5A580 only :) (3.7s and 6.1s)

2005JGC 04-14-2011 01:56 PM

Re: W5a580/545rfe - nv140/nv245
This is not going to be the information your looking for, but as a baseline, due to computer configurations, bus systems, and wiring harnesses, swaps in these vehicles are NOT worth it... Your MUCH better off selling your rig and buying one with the options you want. Its one thing when your doing something that didnt come from the factory, but your asking for an expensive migraine trying to swap stuff and make it function like it came from the factory.

robpp 04-14-2011 02:50 PM

Re: W5a580/545rfe - nv140/nv245
^^^^^^^^^^ im sorry bro but you are like a'debbie downer' in almost every post lately. maybe take your head out of the dealership mode :thumbsup:

anthony contact cleveland pick-a-part.

they can sell you ALL the parts as well as all the modules.

in fact, they actually Do conversions as your talking about.

i have seen a 5.7 conversion they did on a 3.7. they change every part that is different. it was about 7K for the motor, trans, and all the modules INSTALLED


soontobesrt 04-15-2011 02:30 PM

Re: W5a580/545rfe - nv140/nv245
No Im not looking to do any of that kind of swap, Ive already done a ton of searching and got tons of quotes and have been under the jeep and diagramed everything out. All in all it would be a $20k project to do exactly what I want and I know my Jeep is worth somewhere in the $15k ballpark with all the mods I have on it. At the end of the day I know Im better off selling the Jeep and just going and getting what I want lol, and that is something I DO NOT WANT TO DO, so again this isnt for me ;)

I really just made this is hope to get as much INFO regarding the transmissions/t-cases offered on the jeeps. I want TECHNICAL STUFF and other information regarding what options owners have as far as upping power and even tuning these parts of the driveline. I know there are some vendors but Id love if they could post up. Wish we had BuilderBill on here, dude knew everything about everything with these things :) ahh well. Cmon guys post up

2005JGC 04-15-2011 03:04 PM

Re: W5a580/545rfe - nv140/nv245

Originally Posted by robpp (Post 395962)
^^^^^^^^^^ im sorry bro but you are like a'debbie downer' in almost every post lately. maybe take your head out of the dealership mode :thumbsup:

I respect that, and anything is always possible. But, I am a realist. You can look on this forum, full of enthusiasts, and count a handful of people whom have done expensive things like this, motor swaps, drivetrain swaps (in the wk platform). So ultimately my feelings at the end of the day are shared by ALOT of other people too, not that its not worth it to anyone, or that your stupid for doing it, but that the cost much outweighs the benifit.

I apologize for my downer attitude, I dont want to be kyle, I will work on being better.

soontobesrt 04-15-2011 03:25 PM

Re: W5a580/545rfe - nv140/nv245
No worries dude, its just an internet forum lol, not that serious haha.

Anyway some more cool links I found from digging. Seems like I just make threads for my own use and compile all the info I want and then bookmark it lol. Like an internet document for me hehe. Ah well, all good

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