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Dougcjohn 04-16-2011 07:47 AM

Metal Replacement for Stnd Plastic Shields & Access Plate Option
Installed Ft Axle & Transfer Case skid plates; while installing I examined the OEM shields.
OEM provides Plastic shields, not skid plates for Trany & Forward Eng Guard.

The Forward Eng Guard has an pre-molded channel access opening providing access to Oil Drain Plug & Filter. The Pre-molded channel has location for mount tabs and a non-drilled secure tab for a Cover not included.

Is there a part number for this Plastic Cover, I'd like to install this cover!
Not for strength but for 2 non-critical reasons:
1) Foul weather, water, dirt shield into Engine bay. This hole is facing down & forward, and allows slush, mud, etc to enter and remain in engine bay sitting on top of the shield.
2) Air spoilage. Even if Jeep has a moderate rough & open undercarriage, closing the forward hole would assist a "little" to improve forward air movement.

Plastic Shields for Trany & Fwd Engine. If we're installing 4 heavy metal skid plates for Transfer Case, Ft Axle / Rr Eng, and Fuel Tank(s); it would be nice to replace the plastic shields with Metal.
Especially the Trany Cover, forward Eng not as critical.

I've read in Forum Threads that a Rear Axle Skid is available only with Off Road Option Package. To withhold 1 of 5 plates is ill-logical and still needs to be provided for body repairs. Has the Missing 5th Skid plate been verified? If so, has a part number been traced down?

Has anyone come across metal replacement skids for OEM Plastic Shields or the Rr Axle Skid Plate?

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