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vobro 04-18-2011 10:32 PM

Did Jeep miss the on WK2
First off I want to say I've been spending alot off time test driving the WK2 and doing research online,I really like it overall but everytime I drive one I come away with more questions. I know this is the first year but can't help but feeling Jeep has made some serious flaws in the marketing/design of the GC,they want to compete with the upper crust of automakers but still show signs of the "its good enough". What really blows my mind is the tires they put on the off road package,I mean off all car brands out there you would think that Jeep would be the ones that would install serious off road tires and to not admit this was a mistake is just insanity.Next the fact that the traction control cant be fully turned of suggets the computers know more than the guy/gal who really wants to go out and have some fun,which is what off roading is all about.I know these features are more than good for most people but they should be able to be defeated! I've read alot of posts about slow vehicle deliveries and back orders on parts, now I know the new strategies are to keep production levels equal to demand in order to avoid massive dealer inventory but to me Chrysler needed to hit a home run on the GC and they did they just tripped rounding third base.Stuff like substituting the 430n because the 730N wasnt available,no power pedal option,lack of a paper manual,not suppling cars to the aftermarket for testing on such things as powertuners and lift kits is just a way to mute the captured enthusism in the GC.All the Hemi vs. V6 talk is amusing to me but did you know a Trailblazer with the straight 6 will run with the Hemi? Better gas mileage too.I'm not bashing the gc at all but just have these thoughts that I can't shake, I'm most probably going to get a GC limited soon as I like the Jeep alot but can't help but feel Jeep although has made a great GC but with a little more thought they could have had a game changer.

Marlin 04-18-2011 10:45 PM

Re: Did Jeep miss the on WK2
It's already a game-changer, it's collected more awards on debut from folks in the trade than any predecessor.

To whine about the "off road" spec tires is camp. No manufacturer is going to spec its top of the line luxury varient with tires that will substantially alter it's ride/handling for the worse..... because then the people who award the awards would say it's ride and handling is compromised by the tire choice!
If you're a serious off-roader, you'd be much better served speccing your own tire preference, it will always be a better choice than what any manufacturer would place on there.

The other guff you mention is a non event..... every manufactuer will often be affected by late availability, so it's not confined to just Jeep.

And not many (any?) manufactuers would gladly hand over a vehicle to the aftermarket and say "here ya go, take our vehicle and find ways to tune it, lift it, and void our warranty and make it potentially unsafe"...... No.

Rosewood 04-18-2011 11:26 PM

Re: Did Jeep miss the on WK2
i am new to jeep so this is just my .02 worth. i think jeep went after buyers like me. i am never going to take my gc off road; however we do vacation in areas prone to snow. if i wanted to sling mud i would use my truck not the gc. i thin they changed the class of the gc from what it used to be, a box on wheels. to me this is an elegant vehicle that you can take to the mountains not necessarily through them. i think they hit a home run, they pulled me away from other brands. sure our gc is an over glorified station wagon, but that is what we were looking for. if i wanted to go on safari i would have bought something else. it sounds like the gc is no longer marketed to your demographic.

Lingohocken 04-18-2011 11:29 PM

Re: Did Jeep miss the on WK2
IMO it's far too early to start slamming the "new Chrysler" for coming up with 80 percent or whatever when 95 would have been better.

Fiat took over a bankrupt manufacturer that had been woefully mismanaged for nearly a generation, leaving nearly nothing worthwhile in the pipeline but the GC. They ran with what they had, including taking the fleabitten Sebring dog and turning it into at least a reasonable canine until a proper replacement could be brought into production. In the time they've had, that's all they could do, and in the real world of automotive design and manufacturing the turnaround thus far has been superb if not unprecedented.

Much remains to be done with product and distribution; essentially, they have to bring life back to the dead, and even the resources of FIAT are being stretched thin. Yet, from every indicaton these issues are being worked on at a furious pace and to good effect. If by, say, 2014, Chrysler products are still not hitting on all cylinders, then your points would ring true.

But it's 2011, and at this point I tip my hat to Sergio M. and his vast team for doing what is very nearly the impossible.

We are getting a new Grand Cherokee, no power pedals and all. We're brand agnostic, and for us it is, hands down, the best choice.

Vitalogy79 04-19-2011 08:47 AM

Re: Did Jeep miss the on WK2
I agree wholeheartedly with what Rosewood and Lingohocken have said. I grew up with the Jeep brand. My dad has worked for Chrysler/Jeep for as long as I can remember. No, the new GC isn't yesterday's offroader. But I'd say that apart from the first GC, none of them are. This newest beast is certainly a further step towards road warrior than rock warrior, but based on video and reviews, it still seems to be a VERY capable offroader. I think Jeep is trying their best to put out a GC that can be "all things to all people." That's a pretty difficult task, but I think they did an admirable job.

Bmwister 04-19-2011 09:04 AM

Re: Did Jeep miss the on WK2
I used to be in the auto industry for many years with a lengthy experience evaluating vehicles and have no hesitation in stating the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee hit the mark...dead nuts on at that. I'm old enough to have been one of the "old guys" involved with the SUV category at its creation.
Compared to multiple vehicles we've owned from many different marques, the WK2 exceeded my expectations for performance, price, comfort, interior fit & finish, NVH, road manners and off-road capability especially for an SUV.

The WK2 on the road feels like a top shelf Mercedes or Audi. Compared to the Q7 performance-wise, with the Hemi they have only see my tail lights on highway-attrition movements. The WK2 is far from missing the mark, IMHO.


moosehead 04-19-2011 09:30 AM

Re: Did Jeep miss the on WK2
Category killer, import killer, 80k+ unit sales year 1 post BK. Premium configs outselling base models. My own experience coming out of a lifetime of Import 4WD and AWD vehicles. Superb street and trail capabilities. No brainer price value. Pleasant surprise with local Jeep service abilities and attitude.

Dead on Bullseye. +1 to the commentary following OP above.

It is remarkable how many WK2 vs. Rover/Audi/Porsche/Infinity/Acura/Ford/Benz/Toyota/Volvo/Honda thread comparisons we see here. Most are voting WK2 with their wallets.

The correct baseball analogy would be outta the park, walk off homer, under full count, with Rivera on the Yankee stadium mound, from the 8th hitter in the lineup. Booyah.

vobro 04-19-2011 09:39 AM

Re: Did Jeep miss the on WK2
Don't get me wrong I'm not a serious offroader but they should have put more a aggressive tread on the off road package. I live north and camp and tow my boat and a decent at tire does more than grip they actual do a good job cleaning the tread and have come a long way with getting by on a softer sidewall for city driving. I really like the GC and to me without a doubt is the only vehicle in its class that appeals to me . Ride is great features are great, mph is acceptable and its awesome to have a V8 option. I'm one off those guys that search out USA made products and I really hope for all the employees that Jeep does great, I can see the vehicles are built and sold with pride. I guess it speaks a lot that the few issues I have are very minor and the GC got me in a Jeep showroom where I never thought I'd end up.

77rednecktruck 04-19-2011 10:16 AM

Re: Did Jeep miss the on WK2
I think people need to give the tire thing a rest, it's quite annoying. :) I have had my jeep in some pretty serious mud and had no issue's at all with the "car" tires that are on it.
It's also something that Jeep knows that people who are serious about off-roading will change out anyway so they might as well put something quiet on there for the majority of users. I know the option for the off-road package is there for a reason - I got mine so I would get the "Trail Rated" badge. :)

6t6gto 04-19-2011 10:35 AM

Re: Did Jeep miss the on WK2
Also you are way off about the Trailblazer and it's ability to run with the Hemi.Had a few of those 'Blazers and I thought the first few years were good,but the went down hill in the later years.....JMHO.

CPT2010 04-19-2011 10:57 AM

Re: Did Jeep miss the on WK2
Honestly dude, I took marketing classes psychology classes, business major. (i'm not a genius)
but everyone is entitled to their opinion and here is mine...

People wanna say jeep messed up doing this doing that.
BS. marketing has been on key with jeep. Look at their demographic. People from 25-65
that mean making the jeep have offroad capabilities while offering great suspension for on the street performance. Hence why little modification will make the "offroad" package appropriate for the person who trails. If you want a jeep to be personalized to each person that has a style; be willing to pay 80k for it. I have friends (women in their 30's)
who want the v6, its a nice grocery getter for them. I know guys who got the loaded out jeep with the hemi. love the power pulls their boats and gives them some good feeling that they have a suv that has balls. If you dont like the navigation they offer buy aftermarket or use your phone. My smartphone can replace the computer they use to send the first shuttle to space. and no... i burnt a trailblazer ss, and raced a diff one and it stayed even with me. i could go on and on about how stupid this thread is. ive never owned a car. from jeep to bmw to s500 mercedes without changing one thing. I added a multi cd changer on the mercedes bc it didnt have it on the bose navi... What a stupid mercedes i said.. hell no i didnt. Some jeeps may take 2-3 months for delivery.. but really? you want a full suv to be beuilt in a week.?? they need to put it together safely correctly and inspect it. how can you complain this much and only test drive it? Ever thought the jeep doesnt wanna be riden by you???

kaflyboy 04-19-2011 10:59 AM

To put this to rest, look at the sales numbers. The facts speak for themselves.

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