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electricmansw 04-20-2011 07:30 PM

ETC doing crazy things with my 05 Jeep 5.7 ?
Ok, I have 05 jeep wk with the 5.7 eng. My jeep at first when you took your foot off the gas peddel in slower traffic the eng would just jump from 600 rpm to 1,200 for a few 3 to 10 sec's without me touching the peddle then back to 600 then jump to 1,000 or the eng would just stall out ! I replace the EGR unit thinking that might be the problem. Wrong a few days latter it started all over again. This problem would come and go. I almost ran into someone more than once! Ok, then I tried to recalibrate the gas peddel after reading some threads by turning the ign off then turn ign on, wait unitil the dash lights went out. Then push the gas peddel slowly down and back up slowly, turn the ign off. Then after doing that the eng gas peddle doesn't work much at all and now the ETC red light is now appearing! But if I start the eng and quickly step on the gas the eng starts to work better but then the throttle would stop working. I recabilrate it over and over again with very little improvement!



CPT2010 04-20-2011 07:38 PM

Re: ETC doing crazy things with my 05 Jeep 5.7 ?
first thing.. take off the battery. and leave it off for 30 mins and press the brak to get out all the juice.

Is this a stock battery?
if not how old?

my 05 hemi was doing strange things and i figured it out... it was my battery only 1 year old (good aftermarket) the cold winter killed a cell in it causing low voltage when the computer would cycle causing the transmission to act funny. not quite the rpm problem your having but i bet its the battery

electricmansw 04-20-2011 07:43 PM

Re: ETC doing crazy things with my 05 Jeep 5.7 ?
The battery is new and the right size been there and lean that on earlier. I am going to try the battery disconnect option for 30 min's to see what happens. Thanks,

I disconnected the battery for about 1 hour and made sure that the system electrical system was drain down. Started the Jeep everything seems to be good, the throttle seems to be working until about 5 min then the throttle stop working again. Tried to recalibrate but that did help.


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