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99PlatinumWJ 04-23-2011 09:18 PM

wj budget boost install help
So I just bought a 2 inch daystar budget boost (spacers) and would like a step by step install from anyone who has installed this kit or a similar lift on their wj. The directions supplied with the kit seem a little vague to me, I'm very mechanically inclined and do everything myself with help from dad, but I would just like your guys' help so I do it right and don't screw anything up along the way! Thank you in advance

Sskafar 04-23-2011 09:36 PM

Re: wj budget boost install help
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Well I just did the exact thing to my jeep yesterday! Best thing I ever did to it! The ride is awesome!. I'm runing the daystar 2in spacers on top of my upcountry springs, bilstein 5100 shocks and the jks adjustable trackbar as well. I did the the front all on my own and my Dad helped me with the rear. It's really was not that bad but it did take me about 8 hours to do it. That included running to the hardware store to buy new shock bolts. Just take your time, take the shocks off, disconnect the sway bars from the lower endlink pins and lower the axle as much as you can. Use a spring compressor to compress the springs enough to get the spacer on top of the spring. Once springs are in with spacers ack the axle up some to reconnect the sway bar end links and install your new shocks. If you have mechanical skills you will be fine. A couple frozen bolts, dealing with the spring compressors and a few bruised nuckles and you will be done in no time! Sorry I didnt take step by steps pics. I just followed the ones in the instrctions. Here is a picture of my finished 2001 limited after the Budget boost. Im running 255/70/17 Bridgestone dueler revo 2's. no rubbing or trimming required but its a daily driver.

Goog luck!


99PlatinumWJ 04-23-2011 10:27 PM

Re: wj budget boost install help
Thanks for the fast response and the help! Much appreciated and doesn't sound too bad! Hope all goes well with mine. Your wj looks killer! Does it seem to sit level front to rear, or higher in the front or higher in the rear for yours? I've wanted a lift since I bought my jeep a year and a half ago, and its one of my last mods(for now lol) so I'm super excited for it! Thanks again Scott!

Sskafar 04-23-2011 10:40 PM

Re: wj budget boost install help
Thanks! it seems to sit slightly more level but still a bit higher in the rear. I really like it alot! Its one of the last mods for me as well! My last mod I want to do is fit her with 2004 grill painted all balck to match. I have the grill just have to mount it have it painted. I want that last bit of chrome gone! Let me know if you have any questions along the way and I will try to help anyway I can. Here is my original post when I was asking questions


cheapjeep 04-24-2011 08:25 AM

Re: wj budget boost install help

Originally Posted by Sskafar (Post 401979)
I'm runing the daystar 2in spacers on top of my upcountry springs, bilstein 5100 shocks and the jks adjustable trackbar as well.

I definitely recommend the adjustable trac bar.At 2.5"of lift on mine I can easily see the track is off by eye looking at the front of the Jeep.Don't get me wrong I've been running my lift or over a year now with no ill effects but I can really see it now with the bigger tires so that's gonna be my next mod.

Sskafar 04-24-2011 08:56 AM

Re: wj budget boost install help
I agree as well. After I completing the lift and looked at the front end I could see the body was off center toward the driver side about an inch. I them proceeded to take the old track bar off center the body until my measurement were the same on both sides. I then adusted the new track bar to fit and installed.

99PlatinumWJ 06-26-2011 03:14 PM

Re: wj budget boost install help
so i think im finally going to install my lift.. scott the rear spacers going on the bottom of the coil springs correct? thats what my directions say, just want to check and make sure and see how you did yours. thanks in advance

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