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ChrisL1976 04-26-2011 08:34 AM

Chrysler Technicians
The other post about Chrysler techs got me thinking about an experience I had with my 2000 Cherokee sport and how funny the "part replacer" falls true in most cases until you start to really stump them.

Three months after I got my cherokee it started to act funny when you set the cruise at highway speeds. The vehicle would create this surge feeling of very breif acceleration like you were just barely pressing the gas pedal repeatedly. My girl friend was actually getting car sick from it. I took it in to the dealer, they do not even drive it, just replace the cruise control. I get it back, drive it out on the highway and its still doing it. Turn around, walk in and ask for the service manager. He come out and I tell him we need to go for a little ride. We go out and he feels it to and acknowledges it has a problem.

To make a long 4 week story short, they replaced, cruise control, the throttle positioning sensor, and a number of other sensors. Still doing it. Next they spent 2-3 days rebuilding the transmission, still doing it. Replaced the computer....still doing it. At this point the funny, "ha ha I have something they cant fix is turning into....this isnt funny anymore"

I go in the next day and the service manager is on the phone. He hands me the phone and the head of the east coast region service introduces himself and apologizes for it taking so long to get resolved, but after a conference call with the other regional office, they are overnighting a new transfer case from his facility. He hangs up and the service manager said they called at 9am and wanted my entire 30 page service record faxed to 3 different people. He was to swap out the old transfer case and if it solved the issue, they wanted mine put back in the case and overnighted back to the facility. 8am the next morning it was there when I dropped off my jeep.

Needless to say that did resolve the problem. Something with the input and output speeds were not right?? I honestly dont think the service manager completely understood why it was doing it. After it was fixed, I asked him what they spent fixing this and joking said I guess round $8-10k. He smiled and said he did not really know.

I cant complain. They did finally fix the problem in the end.

jeepnjeep 04-26-2011 12:58 PM

Re: Chrysler Technicians
Yes, you can complain. They should have diagnosed it and fixed it the first or at least the second time. This is the friggin' dealer for crap's sake! Think about it if they rebuilt the trans, they had the transfer case out and on the floor. Crack it open and take a look ya think? Not a big deal for someone who supposed to know about these things. I hate 'em all!
When I bought my '93ZJ the dealer had a decent crew in their repair shop. Now they are terrible. Took 3 times to find what was causing a 456 code in my 300. Usually it's just a bad gas cap but I replaced that and still got the light. Dealer time. Took 3 tries before they finally found a bad hose in the evap system. Sorry, no excuse.

TJcust 04-26-2011 01:19 PM

Re: Chrysler Technicians
Least you got some new parts and a rebuilt transmission!

Not that it was a big deal being 3 months old :|

ChrisL1976 04-26-2011 01:57 PM

Re: Chrysler Technicians
Yeah, being 3 months old having a bunch of new parts was kind of a so what. :) I think the dealership took the most obvious routes first which did not result in any answers. I do think sometimes its just easier and cheaper to replace a part than trouble shoot it and fix that specific part. At the point where they were drawing at straws, they did call Jeep tech support for help in which then they took it over.

StoneCold 04-26-2011 03:12 PM

Re: Chrysler Technicians
It's the same here. Dealers are full of mechanical fitters and not proper mechanics. They could never strip a part and repair it. They just unbolt the old and replace it.

Keeping it brief, I once had the guy in the dealer tell me they'd have to book it in for an hour to remove the headlight, cause the bumper and all sorts had to come off (an hours labour is 84!). At which point I told him to pass me a spanner, cause I could have the housing out in thirty seconds!

I have never gone back for anything other than parts.

I have even heard horror stories of BMW, Honda etc and their 'visual inspections' when carrying out services. They look at the brakes without removing the wheel and bill you for a 'brake service'. It's an absolute rip off!:slapfight:

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