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Me Fix 05-04-2011 09:21 AM

Front Hub Replacement
I have that whining sound from the right front hub from my 2004 Overland which I bought used last December with 115,000 miles. Not knowing what had been done before, I have been going thru most everything. I have purchased two new hubs. Might as well do both sides! I have the torque wrench needed, but do not have a puller for this job. I have seen where I can buy a "hub" puller but have been wondering if a "three arm" puller would work should i need a puller. My guess is that I will need one because of the visable rust around the nut and splines of the drive shaft. Has anyone had to do this project before and can I use a three arm puller to remove the old hubs. I'd rather buy a three arm tool because I may be able to use it for other needs in the future rather than buying a special use hub tool that I may never need again.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Sskafar 05-04-2011 01:15 PM

Re: Front Hub Replacement
Just a thought. I know autozone rents tools for free. You just have to leave a deposit. I just rented spring compressors when I did my lift. Better then buying if only using one time.

Me Fix 05-04-2011 01:38 PM

Re: Front Hub Replacement
I use AutoZone much of the time and yes, I looked thru their puller adds. That is where I found that suppliers do sell "hub" pullers. At least I now know what they look like. Yes, I did look thru their list of rental tools as well. The "hub" puller was not part of that list, at least around here. There part number for a hub puller is #27037 and costs $25.00. Thats that not bad even if I only use it once.

I can remember one time I went to our local Auto Zone and asked for a certain part I had looked up on the net. Lucky for me I had printed out the page which had the cost. When the fellow got me the part and told me how much it costs, I asked why it was more. He looked at my printout and went and got the manager. The manager told me that I looked up the part and got a price based on the store closest to home, which was a different store. He told me that they have the right to price parts and such based on what other stores around them sell those same parts for, hence my part was going to be more. I told him that if I knew that I was always going to spend more at this store, I wouldn't come here anymore. So as long as I look up the part number and get pricing, they would honor that price. But you know, that's not a good practice as some will end up paying more at that store than some other AutoZone. Kinda stinks

Thanks for the suggestion on rentals. I may do some calling to other parts stores and see what they say.

JeepMe 05-04-2011 01:45 PM

Re: Front Hub Replacement
Simple answer, yes you can use a 3 arm puller to change your hub/wheel bearing. I did it with mine last fall. But it CAN be a pain. If it's all nasty like mine were, I would HIGHLY recommend buying new mounting hardware (the 3 bolts holding it in place) or running them through a die to clean them up.

I had the same idea as you, one was whining so I would change both. The 36mm center nut looked rusted, but didn't give any problem. The passenger side bearing/hub came off easily. Put the center of the puller on the axle and the 3 arms on the hub (part where the lug studs are pushed through). Everything came free easily. The driver's side was a different story. I located the puller in the same position and it pulled the bearing in half. I managed to have the right arms and grab onto a LITTLE lip where the mounting bolts are located.

It took me about 30-45 minutes for the passenger side and close to double that for the driver's side (I work slow).

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