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SuperTuner12010 05-05-2011 08:29 AM

99 4.7l No start...Please Help...
Replaced the engine in my 99 Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7l, first start, engine started up no problem. Drove around town all day, on my way home. Truck shut off, all gauges went down, sentry light and check gauges light is on.

Towed it home, tried disconnection battery for so long, still nothing. Pulled all the wires off the pcm, and what not, cleaned them with electrical connection cleaner. After doing this and messing ariound with just about everything it decided to run all of a sudden. Parked it, went out an hour later and tried to start. Nothing...

Cranks no problem, sentry light is on(not blinking), check gauges light is on, low fuel gauge is on(1/4 tank), gauges all down, battery has good charge. All windows and lights work. Over head display works. No CEL.

Just yesterday I replace the crankshaft positioning sensor, pulled the connection off the tcm, messed with everything under the dash. Started up. Moved it 20 feet and let it run to charge battery a bit. Turned off, and on no problem 20 or so times. Thuis morning, No start...

Now i am led to believe that maybe the pcm or something is shorting out. Any ideas guys and gals. I really need to get this fixed.

SuperTuner12010 05-05-2011 10:10 AM

Re: 99 4.7l No start...Please Help...
Also, were does the ground behind the pcm go? I have it on one of the bolts coming from between the head and intake mani. I dont think this is the problem though, seeing as how the truck does run...sorta...

Frango100 05-05-2011 12:25 PM

Re: 99 4.7l No start...Please Help...
The times that it won´t start, did you hear the fuel pump running for 3 sec?
Remove the fuel pump and ASD relay (both in PDC under hood) and check if the pins are not corroded. You could also swap with other relay of the same P/N for trouble shooting.
But i saw passing by more related problems with no start and sentry key light on.
I have to check on my car if the light will go out before starting the engine or not.

2005JGC 05-05-2011 01:04 PM

Re: 99 4.7l No start...Please Help...
where did you get the CKP sensor you replaced?

furthermore, I am sure there is no codes, and your starter is not going to like this but in order for your pcm to see problems after codes have been cleared, you must crank it for approx 30 seconds. If you do that followed by a key dance to pull codes that may point you in the right direction. You ALWAYS want to try to pull codes before any battery cleaning or pcm connector cleaning. Codes dont "tell you whats wrong" but they help to narrow the search.

furthermore, it could be a lack of fuel due to a failing fuel pump. if you get to your service port on your bank 2 fuel rail, start by turning the key on to prime the system, from there poke the schrader valve in the service port I mentioned *SHIELD YOUR EYES, DONT BE SMOKING, YADDA YADDA YADDA* if you get a spray of fuel you have pressure. a dribble and or nothing, then your fuel pump is not operating... IF this is the case while your cranking it have someone get under the rear and hit the fuel tank with a dead blow hammer a couple times. When/if it starts, get it where you want to get it to drop the fuel tank and replace the pump because it needs one before you get back on the road.

check gauges lamp is on because there is no oil pressure and your key is in the run position...

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