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hgb8956 05-09-2011 09:56 PM

Multiple engine codes
Hi all,
I have 04 Grand Cherokee 4.7L with multiple engine codes. Check engine codes P1499, P1495, P0136 and three additional codes in the enhanced DTCs P0622,p1282 and P1388. Starts fine, missing and after it warms up ASD relay starts clicking. From my reseach appears all these codes can be related to open or shorted circuits. Could this be traced to one cause such as power distribution box or PCM? :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Frango100 05-10-2011 08:04 AM

Re: Multiple engine codes
Are you sure its the ASD relay which is clicking? I thought that when this relay falls off, the engine would stop completely.

GreenWithEnvy801 05-10-2011 10:04 AM

Re: Multiple engine codes
Have you checked all the codes to see what they are? has a fill list of every trouble code.

hgb8956 05-10-2011 11:23 AM

Re: Multiple engine codes
yes, pounding its guts out

hgb8956 05-10-2011 11:25 AM

Re: Multiple engine codes
yes checked codes. all have indications of shorts or open circuits and at end of list is PCM

Frango100 05-10-2011 01:21 PM

Re: Multiple engine codes
The ASD relay gets its power via fuse 12 in the junction block under drivers side dash, together with the fuel pump relay. It receives its ground via the PCM. Is there any other relay in the PDC equal to the ASD relay, so that you could swap it for trouble shooting?

hgb8956 05-10-2011 01:24 PM

Re: Multiple engine codes
done that, no change

Frango100 05-10-2011 01:49 PM

Re: Multiple engine codes
The codes 1282 and 1388 have to do with the ASD and fuel pump circuit open or shorted. Both relays get their power via the same fuse in the junction block. Did you try to measure the voltage on point 86 of the ASD or fuel pump relay? The fuse itself is ok and its fitting fine in the fusebox? I wouldn't expect a short, otherwise the fuse should have blown, but some bad contact or internally broken wire.

hgb8956 05-10-2011 03:09 PM

Re: Multiple engine codes
in the power distribution box, should all relays have 2 hot terminals when then ignition is turned on and tested with a light? Should mini fuses light when probed with test light? Or does the vehicle have to be running for some circuits?

Frango100 05-10-2011 04:20 PM

Re: Multiple engine codes
Why would you check all relays? The ASD relay will drop off after 1.8 sec after switching the ignition on and not starting yet. When you put a test light over any fuse, and the light comes on, then the fuse is blown.

hgb8956 05-10-2011 05:38 PM

Re: Multiple engine codes
I was not checking the relays but the power to their sockets. No you don't blow the fuses

Frango100 05-10-2011 05:41 PM

Re: Multiple engine codes
I didn't say that you blow the fuse, but when you put the light over the fuse and it comes on, that it is a sign of a blown fuse.
Regarding the ASD relay, the power itself should stay on as long as the ignition switch is in on, only the relay itself will drop off when you don't start the engine (cutoff by PCM). The O2 sensor heater relays in the PDC (if you have them), will then also loose power.

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