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Tony Norton 05-10-2011 08:06 AM

Chrysler UK Sucks
Why? You may well ask!

In March 2008, following the discovery of a fault in the TCM software, they issued Bulletin No.21-009-08 to their main dealers and service agents.

The affected vehicles were 2002-2004 (WG) Grand Cherokees equipped with a 2.7L Turbo Diesel (code ENF) and 5 speed auto transmission W5J400 (code DGJ)

The Symptom/Condition quoted was: -

"The customer may experience the transmission not shifting .... immediately following a cold start when ambient temperatures are below 10 deg C (50 deg F)....".

The instruction to the agent was: -

"If the vehicle operator describes or experiences the Symptom/Condition, perform the repair".

The repair consists, abbreviated, of wiping any existing flash files and download the latest software issue.

So, having experienced said "....Symptom etc etc...." during our UK cold snap in early Feb, I duly took my Jeep to the local main agent.

They updated the software and then had the cheek to present me with a bill for 75 plus VAT ($100 + tax) which I had no option but to pay, failing which they would not release the vehicle. Just imagine if Microsoft had hold of your PC every time they updated their software!

My argument is that this was not an optional update, but an essential correction of an original fault in the software, which as far as I am concerned constitutes a design fault in the vehicle.

If my vehicle had been a Toyota there is little doubt that such a fault would have been the subject of a recall, and they've had a few. Not with Chrysler UK however, they hide problems that should be the subject of recalls behind so called "Service Bulletins".

I wonder exactly how much money they have saved by using this ruse. Reminds me of a film some years ago in which a manufacturer would not recall vehicles with a potentially lethal fault because the bean counters said it was economically viable to pay out on any claims rather than stand the cost of recalling thousands of cars.

I know that most of those who use this site are USA based, and therefore not affected by this Europe based problem, but I'm hoping that this site is perhaps monitored by Chrysler, who may have a different attitude.

Anyway, I've got it off my chest. Been meaning to do it for a few months and never got round to it. My experience has, however, influenced which vehicle will be my next. Guess what it won't be!

All you lucky US based Jeep owners, enjoy your correctly designed motors, and the service that goes with them.

Tony Norton

robpp 05-10-2011 10:02 AM

Re: Chrysler UK Sucks
i agree 100%. we have TSB and we have to pay for them after standard warranty sso its the same deal/

Tony Norton 05-13-2011 06:52 AM

Re: Chrysler UK Sucks
Nice to know I'm not alone Rob. To make matters worse this Service Bulletin was not published until after the expiry of the warranty on the last of the models affected.

Crafty or what!

Tony N

Sir Sam 05-13-2011 07:45 PM

Re: Chrysler UK Sucks

Originally Posted by Tony Norton (Post 412146)
All you lucky US based Jeep owners, enjoy your correctly designed motors, and the service that goes with them.

Tony Norton

And the complete lack of light duty to midsized diesel engines as well.

It funny how you complain about diesel support in the UK, us VERY FEW diesel Jeep owners in the US feel the same way, we get no support in the US because all the dealers ever work on are gassers and have no idea how to work on a diesel.

Man, I'd give my left testicle for a diesel WJ, and thats the good testicle too.

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