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jps043 05-15-2011 05:56 PM

My 426 Build
It all started back in November, when PWR was having their Black Friday sale on strokers. At this time I had a Heads/Cam/Intake build in which wasn't doing it for me. I wanted more as most of us often times do. At the same time that this sale was happening, I just got an offer from IBM for a new job. Along with the offer letter I received a nice sign on bonus. So instead of doing the smart thing and saving that money for buying furnishing for my apartment, I figured it would help me towards a stroker. Sure enough, I decided to purchase a 426 short block, Eagle Heads, and a FR camshaft from PWR.

Shortly after making the purchase, I was contacted by Brad King, the owner of King MotorSports and what used to be PWR. Brad and I discussed an early interpretation of what I wanted my goal to be with this build. We then decided on the compression ratio, and put some supporting mods on the table to consider.

Throughout most of the winter, Brad King, Brad Trunstall and I all kept in touch and discussed additions to the build, timing etc. It was around December when Bills Dominator Torque Converter came out and Brad Trunstall was enthralled with it and the difference it made. Brad shared his enthusiasm with me and told me he could get me a good deal on the product. After hearing him out, and realizing the money he could save me on the product I figured "why not, let's add it!"

Again, the Brad's were great about keeping me in the loop with possible install dates, and sharing offers with me that they thought were good deals. By the time January came, I was getting ready to move to New York and this would make things much easier for the Brads and myself as we would be much closer.

After moving to New York at the end of January, settling down, and finding a garage for my jeep, I was ready to start pursuing a install date with the Brads. Right away the Brad's were honest with me and told me that they were extremely busy and it wouldn't be a month or two before they could get me in. I figured it was no problem at all, I would much prefer them to be honest then to give me false hope. So they said they would keep in touch with me towards a later date and when they had a better idea of when they could do the install.

So the middle of March came around, and the Brad's were finishing up the majority of the vehicles they had at the shop and an opening appeared for my build. So we decided that I would drop off my jeep at the end of March. Due to the fact that the total trip from NY to Richmond is roughly 6-8 hours depending on traffic, the Brads were willing to meet me halfway when I dropped off my car. So I drove my jeep to Baltimore one weekend in late March and left it at ShakeNBake (Chris's) shop for Brad Trunstall to pick up. That weekend Brad suffered a loss in his family and was unable to pick up my jeep, but he was able to make time early in the week to get the jeep, which showed a lot of commitment to me. I was completely understanding of the situation and was not going to hurry Brad to get my jeep. Again, he followed through just like he said he would and picked it up within a quick amount of time.

After they got my jeep back to their shop, we had several long conversations about my vision for the jeep. They presented me with several thoughts on the build and told me to put some more thought into and present them with how I wanted it to look. So after some R & D, I came up with my dream vision for the jeep and its looks. I shared my ideas with the Brads and immediately they said, "if thats what you want, we can do it." But most importantly, my biggest request was that when the build was finished, it was truly a complete build. I didn't want to have to do additional touch ups or maintenance when I picked it up from the shop, I truly wanted this build to be complete with no hassle to me. The Brad's promised me they could provide a "fully complete" end product. And with the trust that I built up in them after our countless phone conversations and emails over the months, I decided to do something a little un-orthodox. When I presented my vision to the Brad's I said "listen, you guys are the experts, I fully trust that you guys can create me one badass jeep. I want you guys to have the flexibility to customize a head turner for me, create me a paint scheme that has never been done before, but one that isn't too over the top." I gave the Brad's the flexibility and faith they deserve to do what they do best. My only request was that the color green was incorporated into my build. Green is my favorite color and a lot of exotics use it.

So after our build discussions, the communication calmed down a bit and I let the Brads get to work. I asked them to communicate with me every so often and update me on their progress, and they followed through. We ran into a few timing issues with the project end date, some pieces of the build took longer than expected, a part on their preferred dyno broke, and their was an issue with the original heads that were sent (I will touch on this issue after I speak with Andy and get the facts about exactly what happened, but it's important I share with you all that Andy stood behind his products and me the entire way through the project. He ended up overnighting a second set of heads to get them to King MS two days ago so that the build could be finished in time). And yes while I was a bit frustrated, mainly just anxious to get my beast back, I must say that the wait was definitely worth it.

There are a few things I would like to stress about my story, my adventure with King MS and Andy their parts supplier. At no point through this long process did I once question the integrity of these gentlemen, nor did I lose faith in them. From the beginning, the passion these men showed in this project made me feel like I was truly a friend to them, and not just another customer. I am sure there were times when I called/texted/emailed the Brads too much, but not once did they get upset with me. They treated me and this build in a way that 99% of other vendors would never consider committing to. I would not trade my experience with these gentlemen for anything else in the world. Brad King told me an interesting today after he picked me up from the Richmond Train Station. He told me that one day, one of his customers called him in and sat him down to chat with him. They sat there in silence for several minutes before anyone said anything. When the customer finally opened his mouth, he said to Brad "The fine art of customer services is one that has been lost in the new age. With King Motorsports, that does not hold true." There is no better way than to describe the interactions I had with Brad King, Brad Trunstall, and Andy (even though hes not King MS).

I am honored to say that I am now officially a sponsor of King Motorsports, and just as the Brads and Andy have stood behind me and their products, I will gladly stand behind them and represent them how they deserve to be represented.

So I just wanted to give a thank you to King Motorsports, specifically the Brads for all your hard work, long hours (they worked through the entire night several days), great customer service and anything else you could ask for. Andy, I would like to thank you for providing me top of the line parts, the engine runs just how I imagined it, and 100000x better. The drive home was a blast ! Bill, I would like to thank you for the Torque Converter. I can't wait to test it out at the track!

And finally, after picking the jeep up today, I snapped a few pictures. No video yet, I will get a few tomorrow. Also, I do apologize but the weather was miserable all day so I didn't get any great shots. I also took them on my iphone . So sorry for the crappy pictures which do not do the build justice at all, but consider this a taste of whats to come!


Build Specs:
PWR 426ci block
Ported Eagle Heads
FR Custom Grind Camshaft
Bill's Dominator Torque Converter
Eibach Pro Kit
Two Nitto NT05rs.
R1 Rotors.
PML Cover.

Murdered out: Matte black trim on door moldings, gloss black rims, matte black front and rear chrome strip, engine block gloss black, exhaust tips matte black.
Viper ACR Snakeskin Green used on: CAI, Catch Can, Strut Bar, Break Calipers, SRT symbol in wheels, and rear badge.
Debadged Jeep on back.
Pinstripe removed.
Clear Bra removed (it was done very poorly initially so I couldn't stand the dirt underneath it).
Black SRT Banner on windshield
Black KingMotorsports sticker on back windows.
King Motorsports badge in engine bay.
Half Covers painted black, with the snakeskin green HEMI and 7.0L King written in white.

Dyno Numbers:
475 all wheel horsepower
465 all wheel torque.
This is on a very conservative dyno according the Brad. It's the same dyno af_maineac used and I think he was right at 489HP. So it shows you the difference Headers and a Throttle Body make. I will post the dyno sheet as soon as I get it!

robpp 05-15-2011 06:14 PM

Re: My 426 Build
wow what a story and build


GR33N D3M0N 05-15-2011 06:28 PM

Re: My 426 Build
wow, it looks great!!! And i'm sure it is a BEAST!

Chaoul1 05-15-2011 06:35 PM

Re: My 426 Build
That's a sick theme you got going! And the Power OMG! It probably makes you smile more and more! haha!

Scottina06 05-15-2011 07:16 PM

Re: My 426 Build
great story and pics! I LOVE the green accents...especially the calipers. I think most people are too conservative with their caliper color, black and silver are just silly...IMO. Go all out with the CALIPERS folks! Its sick as you can see by this bada$$ ride!

Chuck 05-15-2011 07:35 PM

Re: My 426 Build
Damn looks awesome, x2 on the color choice of highlights. Nice numbers!

tugboatchad 05-15-2011 07:39 PM

Re: My 426 Build
Awesome build man. Ive been watching for a completion for a long time over on the USSR'ed site. I cant wait to see some track run videos posted up.

SRTILL8 05-15-2011 09:54 PM

Re: My 426 Build
gonna have to check this out soon!

it does look great. details and all the engine work. most sound baddass! video clip of her for us yet?

soontobesrt 05-15-2011 10:19 PM

Re: My 426 Build
WOW!!! I LOVE THIS. I think murdering is cool and all but all black really doesn't show anything of and kinda makes the Jeep look dull. I think black with some accents are a must!

NOW, just think, if you made the GC on the door molding the lime green and then maybe on this truck Id go LEDs in that same shade inside and possible a little underglow!!! I usually hate it and think its ricer but your truck CLEARLY isn't ricer so I think it would make it really pop! Subscribed

Robert Palmer 05-15-2011 10:25 PM

Re: My 426 Build
Fastest Jeep SRT in Manhattan. From Red Light to Red Light in .2 seconds. LOL

Jeep looks great bro, gotta see it in person!!!!!

BOYCHIKS 05-15-2011 10:54 PM

Re: My 426 Build

Time to update your signature John :p

pmpn8ez 05-16-2011 09:48 AM

Re: My 426 Build

Ive been talking about switching to green brembos for a beat me to it!!

looking forward to some video and sound clips

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