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docluv01 05-16-2011 09:58 AM

730 RHR and album art
Hey guys

I have nee trying to pinpoint as to why some of my mp3's will show album art, and some won't.

I have a select group of 10 songs I have been experimenting with, 5 show art, and the other 5 don't. Same symptoms whether I play via Ipod, play via USB stick, or copy onto hard drive and play from there.

I have tried everything from changing ID tag versions, to resizing album art, all with no successl! :( I know many have said "just re-rip from cd", however, this is not an option for me, and there has to be a reason why certain art shows.

Has anyone figured out optimal settings? (eg ID tag version, etc)

Any help or guidance would be appreciated!

tko365 05-16-2011 03:29 PM

Re: 730 RHR and album art
The RHR manual states cover art is only supported when ripping an actual commercial CD to the hard drive. I have seen random cover art matches but it is not using the cover art stored in the mp3 file. This tells me they are not looking for any cover art in the MP3. The Gracenotes database is used to match the commercial CD to the album info. As others have stated, this is done by looking at number tracks, track lengths, etc. to find the match.

I think the lockpick is required to show the iPod cover art as well.

docluv01 05-17-2011 09:03 AM

Re: 730 RHR and album art
Hmm, I may have to disagree. There have been a few songs that had no album art, that I manually put them in, and come up. My problem is I can't find any consistency.

Same symptoms from hard drive, USB stick , or IPOD.

FirstGC 01-03-2012 05:50 PM

Re: 730 RHR and album art
docluv01, have you made any progress troubleshooting this problem?

I picked up my very first JGC three weeks ago with an RHR and I'm extremely disappointed. There are $50 mp3 players on the market that manage music better than this pile.

Robey5 01-04-2012 05:11 PM

Re: 730 RHR and album art
Woah. After a loooong search on the forum, I found the thread I was looking for.

FirstGC: I am sorry to hear you are disapointed with the RHR. I too have the 730RHR, and while I like this head unit, I have struggled with it at times. Quirky to say the least.

I run a "lockpick" with the 730RHR, which I have noticed sometimes will add to the confusion on the head unit. ...or, perhaps it is just confused all by itself.

In sum, I have a rather extensive library of music and podcasts on my 3G IPOD-touch - and I too have noticed that some of the album art comes through while connected through the armrest (or head unit) USB input. I have found that if you have album artwork, and are looking to put music on the harddrive, you will be just fine, and it will display as expected ( least in my case). On the IPOD, I have found that it sometimes will display artwork, and there is not any real consistency to when it displays artwork; versus the "uconnect" genre artwork. My Ipod is equipped with about 95% of the music/album artwork, and I am noticing that the more I play music, the more connect/dis-connect cycles, the more album artwork appears. Odd - and - annoying.

I am not really being any help here, but - maybe someone can chime in who will be able to maybe say that I/we need to adjust some setting?


Corp Cog 01-04-2012 07:31 PM

Re: 730 RHR and album art
I have a guess on this one... I have about 500 mp3's loaded into the 730N. On my PC and mp3 player (not an iPod) the album art shows fine, but on the 730N, it only displays about 30% of the time. I have discovered when it does show album art, it's not the album art that is not included in the meta data in the ID3 tags, so I believe it uses album art from the Gracenotes DB. I have "trimmed" some tracks and adjusted the gain on all of the tracks to standardize the "loudness". I haven't figured out why some tracks show album art and some don't yet.

Andrew Klossner 01-05-2012 11:42 AM

Re: 730 RHR and album art

Originally Posted by Corp Cog (Post 545647)
... I believe it uses album art from the Gracenotes DB. I have "trimmed" some tracks and adjusted the gain on all of the tracks to standardize the "loudness". I haven't figured out why some tracks show album art and some don't yet.

Gracenotes uses the length of each track in an album to identify that album. If you make a track shorter, it no longer matches.

Corp Cog 01-05-2012 02:33 PM

Re: 730 RHR and album art point exactly, Gracenote's DB is the "go to" for album art, which would be fine for CD's as it doesn't have the meta data encoded. But MP3's do have meta data, and if it's present, why not use it?

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