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phil_sauve 05-16-2011 08:29 PM

Won't crank/start after manifold replacement
I just changed my LH manifold with gasket and studs tonight. After putting everything back together, my jeep (gc limited 5.7 hemi) won't crank.

Things I have noticed :

When I bring the key to run, I can hear a relay CLICK (I don't think its the starter solenoid) under the dash (LH side)

When I remove my key from the ignition, I see a red DOT on the cluster that is flashing. Wich I think is a OEM security system. Thing is, I never saw that red dot flashing before. Makes me think that having my battery removed and a connector disconncted reseted a module and now I'm stuck with the security system ON. But I have no clue on how to disable the system and start the truck.

Does that makes you think of something ??

I will have to check all my connectors tomorrow for a 3rd time to make sure everything is connected but I am pretty sure that I haven't forgot one. I will also check if I receive any signal to the starter.
My job closed their doors at 9h and I ended my manifold job at 8h45 so I haven't got much time for double check up.

But is it possible that the alarm system just went back on? I am pretty sure it was disabled before.

Let me know what you guys think !!


phil_sauve 05-17-2011 07:38 AM

Well I found my problem...

Starter has a deadspot .. Haha how lucky I am that it happened at work in the garage and on the lift ready for a starter swap !!

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