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jp467 05-23-2011 06:45 PM

Brake rotor question
So i pull into the parking lot at work today and someone that works in my office parks next to me in his older Explorer. He comes over and checks out my overland and as he looking at it he puts his had thorugh the wheel and grabs the front brake rotor. He starts cussing up a storm about burnt fingers and then tells me a brake rotor should not get hot. It was my understanding that brake rotors get hot all the time from the friction. He tells me his Explorer rotors stay cool to the touch all the time. So is he crazy or am I ?

berk483 05-23-2011 06:52 PM

Re: Brake rotor question
He is, for driving an explorer haha. No but seriously a lot comes down to the compounds used in the pads and also how well the rotors dissipate heat. I would think that any vehicle that was just driven would have rotors that are hot too the touch. I know my harley's rotors get hot after riding.

ENFORCER 05-23-2011 06:53 PM

Re: Brake rotor question
your friend is not very smart.
All brake rotors heat up, as this is athe side effect of friction braking.
I suppose his motor is also cool to touch after a long drive ?

mr_bots 05-23-2011 06:55 PM

Re: Brake rotor question
Brakes work by creating friction between the brake pads and the rotors. Friction creates heat, a lot of it...especially slowing down a 5000lb SUV. That's why they're vented and go to mush if you use them too much without letting them cool.

pattyboy 05-23-2011 07:23 PM

Re: Brake rotor question
:thumbsup:Not to bright is he? all rotors get extremely hot, have him touch a rotor on a pro mod car that went 5.90s and c how cool it is after it stops glowing red! when the chute didn't deploy:slapfight:

jgc4ever 05-23-2011 07:36 PM

Re: Brake rotor question

Technosavant 05-23-2011 07:59 PM

Re: Brake rotor question
What a complete and utter moron. Does he not know what friction actually is?

Brakes convert the energy of the vehicle (which, as said, is considerable in a WK2) to heat by the clamping of the brake pads to the rotors. EVERYTHING down there gets hot from this... heck, you even have to be careful removing lug nuts on a vehicle that's been driven immediately before. Watch race cars sometime- on a course that has high speed sections into slow corners it is quite common to see the braking surfaces glowing from the heat generated.

Tell that idiot to take his Explorer, do some repeated stops from a decent speed, then to grab HIS rotors. I bet he'll display the same language as before.

Badassgrandcherokee 05-23-2011 08:59 PM

Re: Brake rotor question
ask him to touch the catalytic converter after you drive cuz ours stay cool to the touch unlike the explorers

nighthawk306 05-23-2011 10:50 PM

Re: Brake rotor question
should have told him to try the others and that maybe the one he touched was defective tehehe....should no longer be a friend id associate with as it appears hes not all there, as far as his common sense is concerned. i think its been mentioned here that they do get somewhat hot.

silly humans!

jp467 05-24-2011 01:14 AM

Re: Brake rotor question
Yes I already knew the answer. I think just about anyone who knows what a brake rotor is knows they get hot. This was not a friend of mine just someone that works in the same office I do who just happened to park next to me in the lot. He was comparing his 3 year old explorer to my Overland (As if theres anything to compare) and for whatever reason put his hand on the brake rotor. From what I was told by someone else he left work early because his hand hurt and blamed me for the whole thing. I had no idea he was going to do that I was on the other side of the vehicle when this clown put his hand through the wheel. As for his Explorer he would not be able to do the same thing because he has some cheap wheels that you would not be able to fit a hand through which is probably good for him.

77rednecktruck 05-24-2011 09:46 AM

Re: Brake rotor question
When I am looking at a vehicle, the last thing on my mind is "I wonder what the brake rotor feels like..."

soontobesrt 05-24-2011 02:15 PM

Re: Brake rotor question
LOL! Next time, drive really erratic, hard stops from high speeds and then pull into work, tell your friend you got the all new "evercool" brake rotors and that he needs to check them out. Tell him the only way you can really tell though is to put your tounge on it as the surface that touches it has to be wet ;) I bet then he will understand how the braking system works :)

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