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wk2limited 06-01-2011 11:02 AM

Australian edition Grand Cherokee
Hi all,

Anyone know why the Aussie version of the GC has been stripped and modified in comparison to the American models?

I am referring to things like the mirror indicators which aside requiring redesign of the shells, harness and quarter panel, I honestly think is a pretty decent step backwards. Then there are the lack of the nice beige interior, garage opener, remote engine start, etc...

On a similar note, there is also the indicator stalk. I know this is not a Jeep only, but it boggles the mind why a manufacturer would redesign the whole dash and firewall for left/right conversion, but leave the indicator stalk. Anyone?

Cheers from Sydney!

Red G8R 06-01-2011 12:20 PM

Re: Australian edition Grand Cherokee
It's sad to say that other manufactures do the same. Even here in Canada, vehicles may have different standard equipment and options than US versions. You would think it's cheaper to standardise things but some don't. If it saves any money they will cut options.

An example is my 2009 Canadian Audi A4 does not come with TPMS because it's not mandatory here but US versions do. I didn't even have the option of adding it then.

Likewise, your Australian GCs come with headlight washers and I believe front tow hooks as standard.

Marlin 06-01-2011 05:34 PM

Re: Australian edition Grand Cherokee
The reason behind the unavailability of US features such as remote garage, remote start etc, is all to do with radio frequencies.

The Oz gov't requires the manufacturer to purchase the frequency band, something that is not always finacially viable, especially if the US bandwidth featured in the vehicle overlaps another band already owned here in Oz.

That is the reason we tend to see big delays in new tech. Mercedes had similar issues with their rader cruise control etc in years gone by. A lot of the time they wait until the band becomes available to introduce the feature.

It sucks, I hate decontenting :( I too was hoping our JGC would be the "full fat" version.

The lack of forsight by the US Jeep design team would have lead to the removal of the mirror mounted indicators, as no doubt they didn't match our ADR's, which now mirror the Euro design rules. A simple reading of the rules from around the world would have allowed them to design a mirror to cover each requirement I'm sure.
Would have saved them a pretty penny too.

Showes a lack of forsight with what is, a "World Car".

ENFORCER 06-01-2011 08:07 PM

Re: Australian edition Grand Cherokee
I think we are being a bit harsh over what is included and what is not.
The remote start is illegal in Au as you are not allowed to leave a running car unattended. I am sure a different remote may fix this problem as it seems to be a standard feature of the car, that may be easily enabled.

As for the mirrors, I noticed this last month when I got a testdrive.
The Saddle interior is apparently going to be an option. I personally think it looks disgusting and prefer the boring black on black interior.

Have you ordered yet ?

wk2limited 06-01-2011 09:10 PM

Re: Australian edition Grand Cherokee
I've had mine since Feb.

Although I really do like the car, I am somewhat stumped about the mirror indicators. They were one of the features I really looked forward to. hehe, only realised when took delivery of the car that they were not on there. Funny as the dealer had no idea that the US had the indicators on the mirrors.

Also rather disappointed in the lack of 'firming' availability of the Quadra Lift. I find the suspension to be on the ridiculous side of soft. Unless travelling on a flat surface, the whole car 'wallows' like a whale. The seeming lack of steering dampening does not help the situation, esp. when gettign out of driveways, diagonally across speed humps, etc...

then there are the cables all over the place. I am surprised Jeep laft so many cables under seats, under the car, in the engine bay quiet open to the elements. Something def. not seen in most other brands.

Overall a great car let down by 'little' things that one wonders how Jeep missed.

Out of curiosity, anyone here find the car takes a lot longer getting used to than most other cars? My experience anyway.

Lazybugger 06-01-2011 09:52 PM

Re: Australian edition Grand Cherokee

Originally Posted by wk2limited (Post 423637)
Out of curiosity, anyone here find the car takes a lot longer getting used to than most other cars? My experience anyway.

I've had mine since the end of March, and I reckon i am pretty used to it now. The indicator on the wrong side is the biggest adjustment but when I had to borrow a dealer car (chery SUV ... yuck) a couple of weeks after delivery while they installed the missing reverse camera I found myself looking to use the left hand side stalk ... so no biggy.

I am coming from a 2003 Navara so length wise is very similar and the ride is so much of an improvement its no surprise I have taken to it quickly.

Still looking for a chance to take it offroad. Hopefully might get it onto Fraser Is during the tailor season.

Deserthucker 06-02-2011 05:05 AM

Re: Australian edition Grand Cherokee
I could swear the LTD I drove in Perth had the garage opener.
Left hand indicators don't worry me, Coming from road trains most semis have them on the left.
But we do get ACC and Blind spot included, only on summit or option in the US.
No option in Oz for ACC on the LTD, I tried and Tried special order.

ENFORCER 06-02-2011 05:17 AM

Re: Australian edition Grand Cherokee
Can you au owners tell me if we get the led's in the door pockets and door handle ?
Also how annoying is the front sensors in traffic, the dealer said that you usually turn them off.

wk2limited 06-02-2011 09:45 PM

Re: Australian edition Grand Cherokee
Hey Enforcer,

Yes we do. They are rather cool as well. According to some of the threads on this forum, some of the cars were released with the LEDs not working. Apparently there is a fix for it and any Jeep dealership should be able to sort it for you. There may be a part replacement involved.

As for the sensors, in my honest opinion it is best to leave them on. Easier to stop just a tad short of the alarm going off in traffic and you still won't be leaving ridiculous space between cars. I found that due to the size of the car and ample blind spots all around, I rely fairly heavily on the proximity sensors and reverse camera for parking. This is a personal opinion and as I am still not fully used to the car, I guess better experience and decide for yourself.


ENFORCER 06-03-2011 01:17 AM

Re: Australian edition Grand Cherokee
Thanks for that info about the inside lighting, I have asked the question like 4 times and not received an answer. The extra sensors should help the wife out, as she has wanted front park sensors for a while and going by the front bar on her car, she needs one.

luv_psi 06-03-2011 02:02 AM

Re: Australian edition Grand Cherokee
Seems like the Aus GC's come standard with HID's and the American ones dont?

ENFORCER 06-03-2011 03:32 AM

Re: Australian edition Grand Cherokee
Yep, all au spec GC's come with HID, but it is an option on the lower spec US ones.

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