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mariewk 06-01-2011 12:52 PM

Tires "Draging"
I have a 2005 limited with the 5.7. 147K

It feels like my front tires are binding up/grinding when turning, in forward and reverse. Two shops can "see" nothing wrong and it is not showing any codes. They changed a broken diff. bushing mount and the diff fluids, but it is still doing it. Any suggestions?

jes_96 06-01-2011 01:19 PM

Re: Tires "Draging"
My 06 with the QDII and electronic LS front diff exhibited similar symptoms. Diff oil was shot. Did your shop add the LS additive? If not, even brand new gear oil will make the front bind. I used Redline 75W140 for my diffs; already has the LS additive in it. Cured my binding 100%. I've also heard of a wheel sensor creating similar symptoms. Outside of those two, I wouldn't know.

2005JGC 06-01-2011 01:35 PM

Re: Tires "Draging"
considering the clutch packs are electric unlike the wj which are mechanical, I dont know if in turning manuvers the solenoids are pulswidth modulated to lightly apply the clutches, if they do function like that you may want to suck some diff fluid out and try adding mopar lsd additive to your front and rear differentials... take it out and drive it around the block a couple times after adding the additive then work to a tighter figure 8 manuver if it feels like they are starting to not bind as much. Also to be concerned with is the transfercase which also requires a torque promoting lubricant NV247 fluid... I would suggest a drain and fill with this fluid if your not sure.

furthermore you may have other mechanical issues going on. the solenoids in your differentials when energized block off fluid bypasses causing the pressure from the gerotor pumps to fill move a piston applying the clutches... if you have a clutchpack issue, or a shorted solenoid, a blocked bypass it could cause unintended engagement.

Also consider that a binding cv joint could do this, I would lean away from ujoints only because its a non issue going straight. I would verify proper fluids. note: that the transfercase is VERY difficult to fill... not impossible, but the fuel tank and driveshaft are in the way of getting the bottle up there so have some sort of hand pump to fill it up. Anway, back to my suggestion, make sure you have the right fluids in your diffs... then its a decision from there... you could try jacking the front end up, turn the wheel all the way one direction then grab each front wheel to try and isolate a side doing it worse, the clutches in the front diff, while they should be unapplied may make this difficult to differentiate.

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